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Ephesians - Complete Study Series

Ephesians - Complete Study Series: Do you know Him

Pastor Tony Penner     October 29, 2017

Knowing Christ is the greatest thing anyone of us could experience. In this message we look closer at who Jesus Christ is, and how this helps us to live a life to the fullest for Christ's glory.

Key verse(s): (Eph. 1:19-23

Topics: church, headship, hope, inheritance, sovereignty, strength

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Introduction to the Book of Ephesians September 24, 2017

The Book of Ephesians begins by telling all those who know Christ as their saviour, what it means to be under the gracious will of God. In the opening verses, the apostle Paul, declares a prayer that is meant to be the strength for believers to live as saints and faithful to Christ.
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God’s Great Plan: The Origin October 1, 2017

How would you feel if someone had put together a wonderful plan, with you in mind? That is exactly what every believer in Christ has experienced as the plan of God to save people from their sins was created and devised long before any of us was created. As we will see in this message, it makes all the difference in understanding our value and identity as people. More info »

God’s Great Plan: The Implementation October 8, 2017

The arrival of Christ was a sudden occurrence as far as human understanding is concerned. But God's great plan of salvation had been shaping history for thousands of years when Jesus burst upon the scene to live a perfect life, to die for the sins of many and to rise again. The implementation of God's plan was at its ultimate moment with Christ and this resulted in changing everything. As we look at Ephesians 1:7-10 we see its great significance. More info »

God’s Great Plan October 15, 2017

Not only did God design a plan to bring salvation to people, we know through Jesus Christ He implemented that plan and now we look forward to the future outcome of it. Believers should know confident hope, looking forward to an unbelievable inheritance and have great assurance of their relationship with God because of the indwelling Spirit of God. In this message we explore the joy of looking forward to our future and what that means for today. More info »

The Prayer You Never Knew You Needed October 22, 2017

Perhaps we have read this prayer before in Ephesians, but the question is, why is the author so urgent that these three facts about the Christian be more deeply known by the church? And how do they contribute to the everyday life of the Christian? More info »

The Miraculous Metamorphosis November 5, 2017

When a person becomes a Christian, the change that God does in them is as spectacular as any of miracles recorded in the Bible. In this message, we explore that dramatic change from death to life. More info »

The Provision and Purpose of Salvation November 12, 2017

What part does God have in our salvation? What do we contribute to our redemption? Is there a purpose in my salvation for my daily living? In this message we look to Ephesians 2:8-10 to answer these questions and to see how the answers we receive effect our freedom in Christ.

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From Foreigner to Citizen November 19, 2017

For a second time Paul provides a description of what God has done as he brought people into a relationship with Him. As we look at this passage from Ephesians, we will see how God has overcome the limitations that were on all those who were not part of the nation of Israel through the work of Jesus Christ.
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Under Construction - Becoming a Home for God November 26, 2017

God has created us with a deep need for community. But not just any group of people will do. Our hearts will settle for nothing less than a community where the beauty and holiness of God is seen and experienced. However, the question is not necessarily how to find that community, but how to become that community… More info »

The Ministry of the Mysterious December 31, 2017

The Gospel is a sacred trust that every believer has been given. Paul shows us what it means to live in light of the Gospel and he leaves for an example to follow as we pursue Christ. More info »

The Commission of Ministry January 7, 2018

Every believer has in common a commission from God to be a minister for Christ. As Paul reflects upon his ministry mandate we gain insight into the ministry that we are to have. In this message is the calling to fulfill our commission for the glory of God and our joy. More info »

An Unbelievable Prayer January 14, 2018

Prayer is vital to the faith of every believer whether the prayer is small, big, personal or for the sake of others. In this message we take a closer look at an unbelievable prayer that Paul prayed for the church. From it we learn a number of things about prayer that lead us to commit ourselves to be a praying people. More info »

A Doxology of Praise January 21, 2018

The praise and worship of God is best expressed as bringing glory to God. In these verses in Ephesians, Paul points out the magnitude of glorifying God. It is a call on every Christian to sing, declare and live in a doxology of praise that when pursued will lead to our greatest joy. More info »

Called to look like God January 28, 2018

While the Bible teaches that perfection in this life is not possible, it also teaches that we can—as a community of faith—embody something profoundly true about the triune God. And knowing that this great God is what our hearts most deeply long for, can we afford to pass up that opportunity? More info »

Christ’s Present to the Church February 4, 2018

We all like to receive gifts, and through Christ, God has gifted the church with what it needs to walk in unity together. In this message we identify the nature of this gift as well as provide the assurance that God is working and supplying what the church needs to walk with Christ. More info »

Coming to Unity February 11, 2018

Christ created the church to be one body with himself as its head. When we strive for unity, we fight against the chaos that seeks to weaken the church. In this message we see that Christ has provided what we need and what we are to do to ensure that we achieve unity in the church. More info »

The Trail of Life February 18, 2018

;Every believer in Jesus Christ has been given the joy that comes from our new life in God. Sometimes we fail to live in that joy. In this message we take a closer look at how we steal away our greatest satisfaction and how we can reclaim it. More info »

Corruption or Christ, what will you put on today February 25, 2018

We continue to gaze at the breath-taking beauty of the community that God has in mind for believers this week. However, in this case, we spend more time looking at what is required of us if we desire to be that community we know we long for.

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Christian Imitation April 8, 2018

In a world where we are told that it is important to be our own person, it is the opposite that seems to be more common. Everyone is imitating someone or something. As Christians, what does God call us to imitate and what does it mean if we do not heed his command? In this message from the Book of Ephesians we discover our calling and the dire consequences of an imitation life. More info »

Living as Light April 15, 2018

For every believer, the former existence of living in darkness has ended. Through Jesus Christ we are now children of light and called to imitate God. But how do we live as children of light? In this sermon we look at how we live in the light and how this will have benefits for us, those who our are fellow believers and even those who do not know Christ. More info »

Watch Where You Are Going April 22, 2018

Without good directions it is easy to have what was intended to be an enjoyable trip, become a frustration. The Christian life is to be lived by paying attention that we follow the right road towards Christ. In this message we look at how as Christians, we can watch where we are going in our lives so that we act in wisdom and by the Holy Spirit. More info »

Eternal Glory in Temporal Marriages April 29, 2018

What advice would God give to those who want a happy, meaningful marriage? Let’s consider together. More info »

Family Dynamics May 6, 2018

The bible has much to say about the family and no more directly than in the book of Ephesians. In this message we take a look at the responsibilities of children and of parents, especially of Fathers.
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Working Expectations May 13, 2018

The Word of God does not neglect some of the very fundamental issues of daily living. In this message we look at work and what the Bible has to say about being under the authority of another person or being an authority over another person. More info »

Standing in the Strength of His Might May 20, 2018

Most Christians know they are strongest when they are closest to Jesus. But we often find we have wandered away. Do we like to be weak and vulnerable? There are different reasons for this, but today, we will dig into some common strategies of the Devil as he seeks to put distance between us and our Lord, in the hopes that awareness will lead to greater victory. More info »

Dealing with the Devil’s Devices June 3, 2018

To be a Christian is to be engaged in a war with the spiritual forces of Satan. But how are we to claim the victory and triumph over our enemy that is promised and attained by Christ? God has provided the armour that gives us all we need to defend ourselves against evil schemes. In this message we take a closer look at the armour of God.
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Victory through Prayer June 10, 2018

Paul ends his discussion about spiritual warfare with perhaps the clearest, and most powerful weapon of all: prayer. But many of us struggle to pray as we ought. In this message we look at what faithful, biblical prayer looks like, along with some help in growing our prayer life. More info »

The Final Credits June 17, 2018

Like the closing credits of a movie, the end of a biblical letter is often not given much consideration. But as Paul concludes his letter to the Ephesian Church with closing remarks and a benediction, there is still much for us to learn about the new life we share in Christ. There is a challenge for how we live and encouragement for our common faith that we should not overlook.
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