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Ephesians - Complete Study Series September 24 - March 4, 2018

The Book of Ephesians is a monumental work that depicts the magnificence of God and displays the grandeur of Christ… More info »

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Messages about 'Joy':

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
The Trail of Life Ephesians - Complete Study Series

;Every believer in Jesus Christ has been given the joy that comes from our new life in God. Sometimes we fail to live in that joy. In this message we... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
The Prayer You Never Knew You Needed Ephesians - Complete Study Series

Perhaps we have read this prayer before in Ephesians, but the question is, why is the author so urgent that these three facts about the Christian be more deeply known... More info »

Summer in the Psalms 2017
Gospel Powered Joy Summer in the Psalms 2017

In psalm 60, we a man deeply distressed by his circumstances, yet simultaneously expressing a confidence in his Creator. How can we prepare our hearts to respond with similar confidence to... More info »

Summer in the Psalms 2017
Discipline that Rescues Summer in the Psalms 2017

We all know that the Lord’s discipline can be very unpleasant. However, the Word of God offers us a perspective that will enable us to rejoice in life’s... More info »

Summer in the Psalms 2017
The Joy of Helplessness Summer in the Psalms 2017

The Bible describes the people of God as sheep. No other place is this as well known as Psalm 23. While sheep are characterized as helpless, this should not be understood... More info »

Esther; The Unseen Sovereignty
Act Nine: The Celebration of Victory Esther; The Unseen Sovereignty

The conclusion to the Book of Esther reminds us that the unseen sovereignty of God is working for the benefit of God's people. We are reminded to celebrate and remember... More info »

Summer in the Psalms
Intimacy with God Summer in the Psalms

Many people claim to believe that God exists but the vast minority believe that God is personal and genuinely interested in their lives. We do not have a God who... More info »