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A Merry Family Christmas November 25 - December 23, 2018

When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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Messages about 'Grace':

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
The Final Credits Ephesians - Complete Study Series

Like the closing credits of a movie, the end of a biblical letter is often not given much consideration. But as Paul concludes his letter to the Ephesian Church with... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
The Provision and Purpose of Salvation Ephesians - Complete Study Series

What part does God have in our salvation? What do we contribute to our redemption? Is there a purpose in my salvation for my daily living? In this message we... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
God’s Great Plan: The Implementation Ephesians - Complete Study Series

The arrival of Christ was a sudden occurrence as far as human understanding is concerned. But God's great plan of salvation had been shaping history for thousands of years when... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
Introduction to the Book of Ephesians Ephesians - Complete Study Series

The Book of Ephesians begins by telling all those who know Christ as their saviour, what it means to be under the gracious will of God. In the opening verses,... More info »

Real Faith
Gracious Faith Real Faith

Real faith which is genuinely established, is entirely God glorifying and stands the test of time and trials comes through God's grace. In this sermon, we look at why grace... More info »

Real Faith
Why Should Faith Be Important to Us Real Faith

Why should anyone be concerned about faith? Real faith that stands on solid ground, begins with the role of faith in a person becoming a Christian. In this first message... More info »

Authentic Faith
Authentic Faith Has Hope Authentic Faith

: More info »

Easter Services 2016
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Easter Services 2016

: More info »

Authentic Faith
Authentic Faith is Faith in Discerning Authentic Faith

: More info »

Authentic Faith
Authentic Faith is Love Authentic Faith

: More info »

Standalone Messages
Baptism Standalone Messages

: More info »

Noah’s Faith Heroes

Noah quickly learned that faith will take you places you never thought you’d go. He also learned a valuable lesson about how trusting God cannot be separated from obedience... More info »

Sarah’s Faith Heroes

Some of the most difficult times in our lives occur when God seems silent. Learning to be patient and discovering how to wait on Him in those moments, is not... More info »

Gideon: The True Man of Faith Heroes

: More info »

Samsons Faith: The True Man of Steal Heroes

It's a bird... Its a plane... no, it's Sampson! Perhaps the most unlikely Superhero in the 40 verses of Hebrews' Chapter 11, Sampson was a true Man of Steel on the outside,... More info »

All Things New
The King is Coming All Things New

: More info »

Standalone Messages
Small Talk Standalone Messages

Have you ever had a first date that didn't go anywhere? Sometimes this happens when we purposefully keep our conversations on the surface with Small Talk! Spend some time with... More info »

Call of Duty
Called to Follow Call of Duty

Mark Twain once said that, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” There are a lot... More info »

Colouring Inside the Lines Lines

: More info »

Close Encounters
My Faith, My Story, My Encounter Close Encounters

Join us as we look back at some of the powerful lessons we’ve learned from our 10 week, Close Encounters message series, and explore what it takes for us to... More info »

Close Encounters
The Road to Damascus: A Guide For the Directionally Challenged Close Encounters

How many of us has been lost? Well you are not alone. Paul was someone who was also lost. Whether or not he knew it, Paul was someone who was... More info »

Close Encounters
Spiritual Blindness: The Story of a Blind Man and a Blind Community Close Encounters

In John chapter 9, Jesus confronts two very different kinds of blindness. He heals a man who had been blind since his birth, and then confronts a group of people whose... More info »

Close Encounters
Mostly Dead: The story of Lazarus and Jesus Close Encounters

Time is a commodity in our culture and "time spent, is time earned”. Is this truly how we view our time! Jesus spent significant time with people and he was... More info »

Close Encounters
Thirsty?  - The Story of a Woman at a Well Close Encounters

To the religious elite, this woman was ceremonially unclean, racially impure and religiously heretical… and she knew it. She came to the well looking for water, but left having encountered... More info »

Saving Hands Hands

Easter Sunday: the greatest celebration for those who believe in Jesus. It is on the same level or greater than the celebration of Christmas. God used His powerful hands to... More info »

Pierced Hands Hands

We call this day, “Good Friday”. It is the day to remember when the dirty, blood-stained hands of a violent mob and Roman soldiers arrested Jesus, dragged him to an... More info »

Connect with the Code Connect

The Sermon on the Mount is the longest recorded sermon in the New Testament. In these three chapters, Jesus gives his loyal followers a mosaic of teachings on how to... More info »

Re-examining Our Call to Justice
Karma vs Grace Re-examining Our Call to Justice

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “They got what they deserved?” How about, “What goes around, comes around.” Join us as we explore the parable of the two prodigals, and... More info »

I <3 God Like

God loves us so we can love Him. When we really know and love God, the way we relate to everyone around us changes radically. As this truth hits home,... More info »

Clean Up on Aisle 5
A Clean Start Clean Up on Aisle 5

Jesus’ cleanup job on the earth would not have been complete if he had just stayed in the grave. His coming back to life gives each human being the opportunity... More info »

Finishing As A Winner Wipeout

At the end of it all, we really can’t brag about our accomplishments. God is the one who wins. God doesn’t hold our wipeouts against us, either. We... More info »

Back In The Game Wipeout

When we wipe out and get back into life, we get back into it to win and not fail again. After his wipeout, Elijah came back and was able to... More info »

Gratuitous Grace Preposterous!

We were dead in sin, separated from God and deserving of His punishment. This is recognized by everyone and religions try and try to erase this debt, change the course... More info »