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A Merry Family Christmas November 25 - December 23, 2018

When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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Messages about 'Forgiveness':

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
Corruption or Christ, what will you put on today Ephesians - Complete Study Series

We continue to gaze at the breath-taking beauty of the community that God has in mind for believers this week. However, in this case, we spend more time looking at... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
God’s Great Plan: The Implementation Ephesians - Complete Study Series

The arrival of Christ was a sudden occurrence as far as human understanding is concerned. But God's great plan of salvation had been shaping history for thousands of years when... More info »

Summer in the Psalms 2017
No Limits Summer in the Psalms 2017

We can feel that we are beyond hope or redemption when we have sinned, but if we understand God correctly we find that this is not the case. David was... More info »

Easter Services 2016
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Easter Services 2016

: More info »

Easter Services 2016
Good Friday Service Easter Services 2016

: More info »

Authentic Faith
Authentic Faith is Faith in Discerning Authentic Faith

: More info »

The Lights Of Christmas
Following the Star The Lights Of Christmas

"...they went on their way, and the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was." Matthew 2:9. Their... More info »

The Lights Of Christmas
A Night’s Tale The Lights Of Christmas

"...the people living in darkness have seen a great light." Matthew 4:16 The darkness had fallen. The people could not see. They were spiritually blind, but all that was about to... More info »

The Lights Of Christmas
A Light For Everyone The Lights Of Christmas

"...For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all nations..." Luke 2:32 Gods light will shine for all nations. It can no longer be... More info »

Welcome Back To The Future
Welcome Back To The Future: Part 2 Welcome Back To The Future

In this message, we will look ahead and ask, "Where do we go from here." God has been faithful in the past, and he will continue to guide us into... More info »

Samsons Faith: The True Man of Steal Heroes

It's a bird... Its a plane... no, it's Sampson! Perhaps the most unlikely Superhero in the 40 verses of Hebrews' Chapter 11, Sampson was a true Man of Steel on the outside,... More info »

Standalone Messages
Small Talk Standalone Messages

Have you ever had a first date that didn't go anywhere? Sometimes this happens when we purposefully keep our conversations on the surface with Small Talk! Spend some time with... More info »

Close Encounters
My Faith, My Story, My Encounter Close Encounters

Join us as we look back at some of the powerful lessons we’ve learned from our 10 week, Close Encounters message series, and explore what it takes for us to... More info »

Close Encounters
Thirsty?  - The Story of a Woman at a Well Close Encounters

To the religious elite, this woman was ceremonially unclean, racially impure and religiously heretical… and she knew it. She came to the well looking for water, but left having encountered... More info »

Camp Waverley
An Unmerciful Servant Camp Waverley

As human beings we tend to be incredibly selfish ingrates. We certainly don’t deserve the good God gives us, yet when we receive it, do we pay it forward?... More info »

Your Place at the Table
The Table of Hope Your Place at the Table

With forgiveness there is hope. With forgiveness you can know that your family will receive you at the table again. With forgiveness from God through the work of Jesus, we... More info »

Slam Dunk
Philemon: After the Foul Slam Dunk

Paul wrote a letter to his friend Philemon about a very sensitive topic: forgiveness. When we forgive one another as God has forgiven us in Christ, we change from being... More info »

Clean Up on Aisle 5
A Clean Start Clean Up on Aisle 5

Jesus’ cleanup job on the earth would not have been complete if he had just stayed in the grave. His coming back to life gives each human being the opportunity... More info »

Clean Up on Aisle 5
The Full Cleanup Clean Up on Aisle 5

Jesus last words on the cross outside Jerusalem were, “It is Finished”. The cleanup was complete! The price he had to pay to clean up our sinful mess was steep.... More info »

Clean Up on Aisle 5
Not the Janitor We had Expected Clean Up on Aisle 5

The people of Israel thought they were in a mess caused by the Roman occupiers. When Jesus rode into town, they thought he would clean up that mess. They didn... More info »

Getting Out Of The Lake Wipeout

In the game show Wipeout, the contestants wipe out and fall into a lake. From there, they have to swim back and get back into the game. It is sometimes... More info »