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Biblical Leadership September 23 - October 29, 2018

Throughout the pages of the Bible, leadership is a central component for the followers of God as they are called… More info »

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Messages about 'Dependence':

Pondering Proverbs
What is the Wisdom of Humility? Pondering Proverbs

Being a humble person is a virtue that is valued by most everyone, but what is humility really? How do we become humble and why does it matter? In this... More info »

Summer in the Psalms 2017
Revival Summer in the Psalms 2017

The human body is in constant need of rejuvenation. We eat and sleep to restore energy. So, it is true for every believer spiritually. We need to be revived on... More info »

Summer in the Psalms 2017
The Joy of Helplessness Summer in the Psalms 2017

The Bible describes the people of God as sheep. No other place is this as well known as Psalm 23. While sheep are characterized as helpless, this should not be understood... More info »