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Biblical Leadership September 23 - October 29, 2018

Throughout the pages of the Bible, leadership is a central component for the followers of God as they are called… More info »

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Messages about 'Community':

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
Corruption or Christ, what will you put on today Ephesians - Complete Study Series

We continue to gaze at the breath-taking beauty of the community that God has in mind for believers this week. However, in this case, we spend more time looking at... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
Called to look like God Ephesians - Complete Study Series

While the Bible teaches that perfection in this life is not possible, it also teaches that we can—as a community of faith—embody something profoundly true about the triune... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
Under Construction - Becoming a Home for God Ephesians - Complete Study Series

God has created us with a deep need for community. But not just any group of people will do. Our hearts will settle for nothing less than a community where... More info »

Standalone Messages
The Community of Unity Standalone Messages

As much as we might value our independence, everyone needs to have a community of support and care. In this message we look to the Scriptures to instruct us of... More info »

Authentic Faith
Authentic Faith Is New Life In Christ Authentic Faith

: More info »

Standalone Messages
Baptism Standalone Messages

: More info »

Standalone Messages
Unity in Christ Standalone Messages

Unity is crucial for our walk in faith with Christ and with the Church. Humility and Diversity are key parts of unity and are important for us to grow as... More info »

Welcome Back To The Future
Welcome Back To The Future: Part 1 Welcome Back To The Future

In this message, we will look back at the 'History of Waverley'. Throughout the years, God has continued to be faithful and we truly have a lot to be celebrating.... More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Summer Kids Week Sunday Game Of Stones

; More info »

Gideon: The True Man of Faith Heroes

: More info »

All Things New
Famous Last Words All Things New

It has all come down to this. Just hours away from his betrayal, arrest, torture and crucifixion, Jesus chooses to spend His last few hours in prayer. His 'high priestly'... More info »

All Things New
Grape Expectations All Things New

It was Jesus' final day with His disciples. They had just left Jerusalem and were on their way to the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus knew that they were humbled, scared,... More info »

All Things New
Preparing For the End All Things New

Jesus understood that his life was about to end and his disciples were crippled with grief. Although they could not envision what the next few days was about to bring,... More info »

All Things New
The Walking Dead Returns All Things New

The raising of Lazarus was not the end of the story. We get reintroduced to the 'Walking Dead' in John chapter twelve when the plot to kill Jesus intensifies. The... More info »

All Things New
The Beginning Of the End All Things New

Jesus had done the unimaginable. He had turned water into wine, healed the sick, and cast out demons, but this miracle had crossed the line. While some people were overjoyed... More info »

Standalone Messages
Small Talk Standalone Messages

Have you ever had a first date that didn't go anywhere? Sometimes this happens when we purposefully keep our conversations on the surface with Small Talk! Spend some time with... More info »

Colouring Inside the Lines Lines

: More info »

Close Encounters
My Faith, My Story, My Encounter Close Encounters

Join us as we look back at some of the powerful lessons we’ve learned from our 10 week, Close Encounters message series, and explore what it takes for us to... More info »

Close Encounters
Spiritual Blindness: The Story of a Blind Man and a Blind Community Close Encounters

In John chapter 9, Jesus confronts two very different kinds of blindness. He heals a man who had been blind since his birth, and then confronts a group of people whose... More info »

Close Encounters
Mostly Dead: The story of Lazarus and Jesus Close Encounters

Time is a commodity in our culture and "time spent, is time earned”. Is this truly how we view our time! Jesus spent significant time with people and he was... More info »

Close Encounters
Thirsty?  - The Story of a Woman at a Well Close Encounters

To the religious elite, this woman was ceremonially unclean, racially impure and religiously heretical… and she knew it. She came to the well looking for water, but left having encountered... More info »

Growing Stages

As we grow and develop, we discover who we are not only as individuals but also who we are as part of the family. The kitchen table is a place... More info »

Your Place at the Table
The Table of Salvation Your Place at the Table

Who were Jesus’ friends with whom he shared a meal? They were the last people we would ever expect a good man like Jesus to share a time with. Yet... More info »

Your Place at the Table
The Table of Love Your Place at the Table

One of the key characteristics of sitting around the family table is that it normally is the place of being together, being accepted and being loved. As one goes through... More info »

Living Right Living

It’s a myth that “living right” involves doing what is “good” and avoiding what is “bad”. As human beings we have a hard enough time defining “good” and “bad”... More info »

Living Deep Living

The very way in which we interact with each other and with the world around us on a daily level reveals the depth of our thinking and integrity. Jesus didn... More info »

Go Beyond Go

It’s really easy to just take care of one’s own house. It is easy to be friendly to friends and brotherly with brothers. Jesus stepped out beyond his... More info »

Go In Go

Welcome to 2014!! It’s the new year and we’re moving into new ventures, changes and learning. We also know that there are significant changes and challenges awaiting us. God... More info »

Beyond Just Making a Living Beyond

Waverley Church is so excited to be serving our community and the world through a partnership with International Student Ministries of Canada. On this Sunday we are thrilled to invite... More info »

Living It
Living It God’s Way Living It

We know and believe in Jesus. We are learning what the Bible says to us. Now let’s just go out and live it! The question is, “Why?” What is... More info »

Living It
Living It By Sharing Your Life Living It

Now that we know how we are “supposed to act” now that we “have Jesus” in our lives, we’re all set, right? Jesus didn’t come to give us... More info »

Living It
Everyone Knows It Because You Are Living It Living It

A common misconception in our North American thinking is that “my faith is private.” Our faith should not be private. We should be living our faith in every part of... More info »

Breaking The Mold
Accepting the Call Breaking The Mold

Everyone has a calling. We all have been shaped and molded by a loving and caring God, for a unique Kingdom of God role. Are you looking for it? Do... More info »

Breaking The Mold
Unlikely Messengers Breaking The Mold

Jerry Bridges writes that, "Every day is important for us because it is a day ordained by God. If we are bored with life there is something wrong with our... More info »

This Stretch of Waverley Stretch

This church building is located on “this stretch of Waverley Street”. This stretch of Waverley Street represents a key part of our city and society. God has called and equipped... More info »

Step Forward (Baptism) Forward

One of the big steps one takes when they put their faith in Jesus is to tell everyone through a beautiful, living illustration: baptism. Baptism is a celebration at Waverley.... More info »

Run Forward Forward

What holds you back from moving forward in life? Failures? Guilt? Others? Maybe our own successes and awards keep us from moving forward in life because we are too content... More info »

Thank-Full Thanks!

Today is Thanksgiving Sunday and it is easy to be thankful when everything is going well. Someone is happy and grateful and it seems to be contagious, lightening the mood... More info »

Grow Together Community

On the first day of the church, the church grew from 120 to over 3000! People got into the Community right away and it was a very, very positive thing for everyone.... More info »

Serve Together Community

So, what do we do together? Exactly! We DO! At the beginning of the church people had needs just like us: physical, emotional, relational and spiritual. What happened? Everyone worked... More info »

Celebrate Together Community

Community, it sounds like family, full of people we love and sometimes cannot stand. Whatever it is, community is something to celebrate together. We can be together and celebrate the... More info »

Called to Community Community

It was God's purpose from the beginning that everyone be together. He wants us to experience life together. He wants us to grow together. God's design in sending Jesus was... More info »