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Messages about 'Christmas':

Sightings of the Saviour
Is Christmas Kris Kringle or Christ? Sightings of the Saviour

Santa is a huge part of the celebration of Christmas for many, but should it be? In this message we look to restore the true meaning of Christmas and how... More info »

Sightings of the Saviour
Stories of Christ in the Bible Sightings of the Saviour

What do the stories of the Bible have to teach us? In this message we look at two familiar stories from the Old Testament to discover that they have more... More info »

Standalone Messages
The Miraculous Conception Standalone Messages

No less than years past, people have claimed that miracles are impossible. But as Christians we do believe that God does miracles and one of the greatest is the virgin... More info »

The Lights Of Christmas
Following the Star The Lights Of Christmas

"...they went on their way, and the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was." Matthew 2:9. Their... More info »

The Lights Of Christmas
A Night’s Tale The Lights Of Christmas

"...the people living in darkness have seen a great light." Matthew 4:16 The darkness had fallen. The people could not see. They were spiritually blind, but all that was about to... More info »

The Lights Of Christmas
A Light For Everyone The Lights Of Christmas

"...For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all nations..." Luke 2:32 Gods light will shine for all nations. It can no longer be... More info »

Jesus - Salvation Arrival

We seem to be stuck in an endless cycle of problems, bad choices and the negative consequences of our selfishness. Who is going to save us from all this? God... More info »

Love Arrival

The modern definition of love is either extremely shallow and self-seeking or is set up as something that is so idealized it can never be attained. The reality is that... More info »

Joy Arrival

There are very few things that thrill someone than to hear a child laugh out loud in pure joy! We all wish we could live with secure, confident, worry-free joy.... More info »

Peace Arrival

Is peace merely the absence of conflict or is it something deeper? We seek peace on an international level and on the family level. We are even seeking peace within... More info »

Hope Arrival

News of terrorism, threats of violence, economic disaster stands is ready to pounce, unstable leadership and stifling religion. These aren’t just today’s depressing headlines, they were the headlines... More info »

Christmas Through New Eyes
Christmas through the Eyes of God Christmas Through New Eyes

Every parent loves to give great presents to their kids. No one really wants to give a gift to those who have rejected them and treat them like enemies. God... More info »

Christmas Through New Eyes
Christmas through the Eyes of Mary Christmas Through New Eyes

A young woman with a good heart sees a bright future ahead as she prepares to marry an honest, loving man. One day a divine visitor arrived with news that... More info »

Christmas Through New Eyes
Christmas through the Eyes of the Shepherds Christmas Through New Eyes

Shepherds lived and worked with sheep out in the countryside. No glamour and no praise. Yet one special night it was these simple, hardworking men who saw a choir of... More info »

Christmas Through New Eyes
Christmas through the Eyes of Simeon and Anna Christmas Through New Eyes

Simeon and Anna never wavered or faltered in their faith in God through so many years of life. They knew something huge was going to happen in their lifetime and... More info »

Christmas Through New Eyes
Christmas through the Eyes of the Angels Christmas Through New Eyes

God’s divine messengers had a huge role to play in the drama we call “the first Christmas”. They spoke directly with the key players in Christmas. Maybe they didn... More info »

Christmas Through New Eyes
Christmas through the Eyes of the Prophets Christmas Through New Eyes

Hundreds of years before Jesus was born there were people to whom God revealed a special message. They weren’t sure of the specifics of their messages but they did... More info »