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Biblical Leadership September 23 - October 29, 2018

Throughout the pages of the Bible, leadership is a central component for the followers of God as they are called… More info »

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Biblical Leadership
The Leadership of God Biblical Leadership

From creation to the present day, God has been leading the world He created and the people He has saved from their sins. In this first message about biblical leadership,... More info »

Summer in the Psalms 2017
Revival Summer in the Psalms 2017

The human body is in constant need of rejuvenation. We eat and sleep to restore energy. So, it is true for every believer spiritually. We need to be revived on... More info »

Blueprint for the Church
The Solid Church Prioritizes the Bible Blueprint for the Church

What defines a solid church that fulfills the calling of God and brings Him the glory He deserves?  The church is built on a firm foundation when it prioritizes the... More info »

Standalone Messages
Baptism Standalone Messages

: More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Do Not Steal Game Of Stones

: More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Do Not Covet Game Of Stones

Why do you think that most fads catch on? Most catch on because most of us are guilty of wanting what everyone else already has. Join us as we explore... More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Do Not Bare False Witness Game Of Stones

Honesty is an important part of our society, we have created laws to prevent people from lying under oath or on our term paper and business reports, but what about... More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Summer Kids Week Sunday Game Of Stones

; More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Do Not Commit Adultery Game Of Stones

When Moses brought the stone tablets down from Mount Sinai, and the Nation of Isrial heard God's voice say, "You shall not commit adultery", He was saying so much more... More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Do Not Kill Game Of Stones

When God created human life, He intended for it to remain sacred and valuable. We live in a world where we see and hear about senseless death each and every... More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Honour Your Father & Mother Game Of Stones

: More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Remember The Sabbath Game Of Stones

The word “Sabbath” comes from the Hebrew word “shabbat,” that means to cease or desist. In the fourth Commandment, God reminds the Nation of Isrial about two important things. Firstly,... More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Name In Vain Game Of Stones

Names are important to us, brand names help to say how important or successful we are. The name that is the most important however is God's name. This week we... More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: No Graven Images Game Of Stones

If someone were to ask you to describe God, how would you do it? If someone were to ask you to tell them about his attributes, what would you tell... More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Thrones: No Other Gods Game Of Stones

When God gave Moses the first of the ten commandments, He made it clear that His people were to have an exclusive relationship with Him. Jesus reiterated this principle in... More info »

Game Of Stones
Game of Stones: Moses On The Mount Game Of Stones

On Mount Sinai, God passed on to Moses ten rules that the ancient Israelites were commanded to follow. Chiseled onto two stone tablets, these commandments are still considered the benchmarks... More info »

From Zero to Hero Heroes

Have you ever wondered why the majority of our Bible is made up of stories? God has hot-wired our hearts and heads to function best when we are inspired by... More info »

Close Encounters
Mostly Dead: The story of Lazarus and Jesus Close Encounters

Time is a commodity in our culture and "time spent, is time earned”. Is this truly how we view our time! Jesus spent significant time with people and he was... More info »

Clearly Speaking - The Bible Clear

“The Bible is unlike any other religious book. Despite forty authors writing from three continents over nearly two thousand years, it maintains a perfect consistency of message. Its words point... More info »

Logos Definition

Logos: Greek for ‘The Word”. The “Word of God” or the “Word of the Lord” is a common phrase used throughout the Bible. What is this “word”. When we read... More info »

Eve Definition

Today we celebrate mothers. The first mother recorded in the Bible was Eve. The name “Eve” means, “life” or “living”. When we think about it, that describes mothers perfectly. From... More info »

Stretched Mind Stretch

Access to information has never been easier than now. We can learn so much and we can be better off because of all we know. It all depends on what... More info »

Connect with the Bible Connect

“We believe the Bible”. When God divinely orchestrated the assembling of our Bible, He did so with the intention that it would become our roadmap. Its sixty-six books, forty authors... More info »

Slam Dunk
Jude: Winning Defense Slam Dunk

A team can't win a game just by scoring points, they have to keep the other team from scoring as well. A good defense is as necessary as a good... More info »