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When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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Your Place at the Table

Your Place at the Table

You can be a guest in anyone’s home, stand in the doorway and visit or even sit on the sofa to talk. You can talk with a business or organization leader by telephone or even in person in their office. But when you sit down at your host’s table, you become part of the family. When the chairman asks you to sit at the board table, you become part of the company. God has invited us to His table. We are enabled to sit at God’s table because of Jesus’ work at Easter. Join us in the month of April as we take a look at what it took to bring us to God’s table.

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The Table of Love April 6, 2014

One of the key characteristics of sitting around the family table is that it normally is the place of being together, being accepted and being loved. As one goes through the challenges and storms of the day, the stress can be overwhelming. But when you sit down at the table of a family who loves you, even the enemies standing at your door are forgotten. Come to God’s table that he has set for you in His love. More info »

The Table of Salvation April 13, 2014

Who were Jesus’ friends with whom he shared a meal? They were the last people we would ever expect a good man like Jesus to share a time with. Yet he sat down at the table with them and they became his family. He loved them and shared life with them. Jesus did this because his purpose is to save everyone from their sin. At the table with Jesus is where so many realized they needed salvation. At the table with Jesus is where they found that salvation and life. More info »

Your Invitation to the Table April 18, 2014

Join Waverley for the special music presentation “Eyes of Faith”, where we will look through the eyes of those who Jesus invited to His table. We see how their lives were affected and changed by Jesus, and realize that Jesus is still affecting and changing lives today as we look through eyes of faith. Join as at 10:00am on Good Friday. Childcare will be available for children ages 0-5. More info »

The Table of Our True Desire April 20, 2014

Just as Jesus last time with his followers was around a table, it is no coincidence that some of his first appearances after his resurrection were around a table. The followers of Jesus thought they had lost everything when Jesus died. Somehow, this man at the table they didn’t even recognize was fulfilling and at the same time was stoking the true desire in their hearts. Come to the table to find what you really desire. More info »

The Table of Hope April 27, 2014

With forgiveness there is hope. With forgiveness you can know that your family will receive you at the table again. With forgiveness from God through the work of Jesus, we now have hope for today and for the eternal future. Come and join us at the table of hope that comes from God’s forgiveness in Jesus. More info »