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Wound Up

Wound Up

That which causes stress is part of our life. We cannot control many of these things. How we respond is entirely under our control. Everyone at some time has allowed the stresses of life to wind us up to the breaking point. Often that breaking point turns out to be an ugly drop which causes damage to ourselves and those around us. The Bible shows us how to both untie the knots and keep ourselves from getting wound up.

In this series (2 messages):

Wound Up Tight October 6, 2013

All those loose ends in our lives seem to get together and tie a big knot. To us it feels like the has been tied around our neck and drags us down. How did we get to this point? Our focus in life has a lot to do with how the events and circumstances end up dragging us down to some dark places. This week we’ll learn from the Bible how to identify our misplaced focus to avoid being wound up too tight. More info »

Untying the Knot October 13, 2013

Thanksgiving may be a bit stressful when we think of only preparing for the big meal. In reality, gratitude is one of the biggest “knot-busters” around. When we get wound up in ourselves we’ll be stressed out. When we get wound up in what God has done for us through Jesus, we will experience a peace that goes far beyond anything we’ve experienced. More info »