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We all have expectations. Our expectations are financial, relational and educational. We place these expectations on ourselves and on others. Many times though, we fail. We wipe out. We fall short of our goals. We let others down. Others let us down. Often we try to get back into the battle, yet fail again and again. The greatest and least of us has suffered multiple wipeouts. Worst of all, we have failed to meet God’s expectations. Can we recover? Can we actually make it to the end without another wipeout?

In this series, Brad will take a look at part of the life of Elijah, a man who brought God’s message to people and is considered a success. Yet he suffered a major wipeout in his life. He did come back because of God and we’ll see how the same principles work in our lives.

In this series (4 messages):

We All Wipe Out July 10, 2011

Each one of us has expectations of ourselves and of others. We want our plans to work out and we know others are counting on us. But we fail or others fail us. It’s a wipeout. These wipeouts can be big and ugly or small and seemingly insignificant, yet each one is a letdown. There are many causes and reactions to these wipeouts. Elijah had a huge wipeout on the day of what should have been his greatest triumph. But God was there for Elijah and is there for us. More info »

Getting Out Of The Lake July 17, 2011

In the game show Wipeout, the contestants wipe out and fall into a lake. From there, they have to swim back and get back into the game. It is sometimes more exhausting to recover from our failures than to actually go through the challenge of life. Elijah was ready to end it all in his wipe out, but he didn’t have to return all alone, God brought him back. More info »

Back In The Game July 24, 2011

When we wipe out and get back into life, we get back into it to win and not fail again. After his wipeout, Elijah came back and was able to finish strong. His legacy remains. We can learn how to regain our balance and find a better path through the challenges of life. More info »

Finishing As A Winner July 31, 2011

At the end of it all, we really can’t brag about our accomplishments. God is the one who wins. God doesn’t hold our wipeouts against us, either. We can celebrate wins and look forward to more challenges through the experiences of our wipeouts. Let’s look at the wins God has given us and how we can continue to follow the path, even with our wipeouts. More info »