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Being thankful is changing our focus from ourselves to Jesus. Being thankful results in us thinking differently about our circumstances and then acting in a way which will change our lives and others' as well.

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Thank-Full October 7, 2012

Today is Thanksgiving Sunday and it is easy to be thankful when everything is going well. Someone is happy and grateful and it seems to be contagious, lightening the mood for everyone. Life isn't always nice and kind. Circumstances get in our way. How should we react? One of the Bible's authors, Paul, had a horrible lifeon the surface, marked by injustice and suffering. Yet he instructed believers to give thanks in ALL circumstances...which is precisely how he lived. This kind of gratitude will not only change an individual, it just might turn a family or even a community around and get people out from under the storm clouds and into a brighter life. More info »

Thanks-Giving October 14, 2012

As we finally get out from under last weekend's dinners, how do we keep the "Thanksgiving Spirit" going? Is one day enough to express our gratitude? What if you really don't "feel" thankful? Those who believe in Jesus have always been under fire for the person they believe in. Yet, these same followers of Jesus have always been thankful, even in the midst of suffering. And they always accompanied their gratitude with doing. A grateful heart will be clearly seen through our actions and giving. More info »