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When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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As humans we love a challenge. As humans we like to be comfortable. If all our challenges were to be comfortable, we’d be perfectly content. The real world isn’t that way and our faith in Jesus operates within the real world. Just as stretching is necessary for our body’s health, challenging and stretching our faith is necessary for the health of our faith. God stretches us and takes us far beyond ourselves and our little world. Join us as we stretch our faith and go where we never imagined we would be.

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This Stretch of Waverley April 7, 2013

This church building is located on “this stretch of Waverley Street”. This stretch of Waverley Street represents a key part of our city and society. God has called and equipped us as followers of Jesus to go way beyond this stretch of Waverley and to be stretched to do so much more. More info »

Stretched Purse April 14, 2013

Canada is one of the most prosperous societies and economies in the world. Winnipeg celebrates a diverse economy which is far more stable than most other cities in North America. What do we do with our economy? What do we do with the resources that God has given us? Are we stretched? Imagine what God would do if we stretched just a little. More info »

Stretched Mind April 21, 2013

Access to information has never been easier than now. We can learn so much and we can be better off because of all we know. It all depends on what we put into our minds. What is in our minds moves to our heart and then comes out in our words and actions. Most of us have never considered what God has to say through the Bible. We may not really know what is there. God will take us further than we have ever been if we stretch our mind with His word. More info »

Stretched Reach April 28, 2013

We don't stretch our faith faith or ability by just sitting around. We don't stretch our church just by attending on a Sunday morning. Jesus has called everyone to put their faith into practice by loving each other. We love not in thought or feeling, we love by serving. And, we love serving. As we serve, we will stretch our faith and our abilities and take our church far beyond where it is now. More info »

Stretched Link May 5, 2013

Meal times and trouble. That's when we usually pray. Prayer is so much more than something we do when the particular situation warrants it. We're told in the Bible to pray at all times for all things and all people. Prayer is part of being alert. Prayer is part of being protected. Prayer is part of advancing in our lives and church. Let's stretch our prayer life beyond just meal time and trouble to make it our vital link to a God who loves and cares for us. More info »