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A Merry Family Christmas November 25 - December 23, 2018

When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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Standalone Messages

Standalone Messages

A collection of messages that were not part of a message series.

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Fall Kick-Off 2014 September 7, 2014

N/A More info »

Small Talk February 15, 2015

Have you ever had a first date that didn't go anywhere? Sometimes this happens when we purposefully keep our conversations on the surface with Small Talk! Spend some time with us as we talk about our relationship with God and the Small Talk that we use to keep God a arms length. More info »

Compassion Sunday October 4, 2015

: More info »

Remembrance Day Service 2015 “The Greatest Pursuit” November 15, 2015

Going through a passage in Ephesians to expose the greatest pursuit in life. More info »

Unity in Christ December 27, 2015

Unity is crucial for our walk in faith with Christ and with the Church. Humility and Diversity are key parts of unity and are important for us to grow as a Church and as followers of Jesus! Come explore these two words with us in our pursuit of unity. More info »

Baptism January 17, 2016

: More info »

Wonder Mom - Mothers Day 2016 May 8, 2016

Mom's are somehow the glue that holds families together. Today's message is a look at Mothers, aka "Wonder Moms" More info »

Baptism Sunday May 22, 2016

Today we celebrate the Glory of God as 4 individuals outwardly show their new life in Christ. More info »

The Most Amazing Father June 19, 2016

How do we as fathers become amazing fathers and remembered as amazing fathers? Romans 8:6 tells us to be obedient to God, verse 2 to 3 tells us to raise our children in righteousness. More info »

The Pursuit of Happiness June 26, 2016

Happiness is a human pursuit that we all have in common but rarely achieve. How can we be truly happy? The book of life explains how we can be truly happy. More info »

Hiding from God August 7, 2016

Jesus knows our thoughts and feelings even before we do. More info »

Pray for our Authorities August 14, 2016

We must remember to pray for authorities over us, 1st Timothy reminds us of what we already know and how to pray for all authoritative people. More info »

The Miraculous Conception December 24, 2016

No less than years past, people have claimed that miracles are impossible. But as Christians we do believe that God does miracles and one of the greatest is the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. As Mary is told how the saviour of the world will be carried in her womb, we learn a great deal for our lives from Mary's reaction to this angelic visit. More info »

The Joy of Christmas December 25, 2016

Christmas is the time for joy, but for many, this time of year is either fraught with challenges or brings back painful memories. Not everyone considers Christmas to be merry. As we look at the encounter between the angels and the shepherds, we see how great joy is ours to have even if we are in the midst of struggle.
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Resolutions for the New Year January 1, 2017

At the beginning of every new year, it is common for people to make resolutions for their lives. What is also common is for people to struggle to maintain those resolutions. As believers in Christ, we are called to pursue two resolutions that shape and guide every aspect of our relationships with God. As we look at Matthew 22:34-40, we will see what these are and what God provides for us to keep them long after New Year's Day is over.
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Guest Speaker March 12, 2017

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Guest Speaker July 16, 2017

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The Good Life September 10, 2017

We are all looking for a life that is good, satisfying and full of joy. All around us, people are telling us how we can achieve this, but is what they are offering really the good life? In this message we see that our lives are fulfilled when we serve each other for the glory of Christ. More info »

The Community of Unity September 17, 2017

As much as we might value our independence, everyone needs to have a community of support and care. In this message we look to the Scriptures to instruct us of the different ways that unity is built through being in community together and how being involved in a small group seeks to foster that community.
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The Testifying Life May 27, 2018

Every Christian has a story of how Christ transformed his or her life through His personal encounter with them. The apostle Paul was no different, and in this message we learn how God took a man who was persecuting the church and changed him into a powerful ambassador for the Gospel.

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Reasons to Praise and Pray June 25, 2018

There is much to praise and pray to God for the church. In this message we see how much encouragement there is in the church, while remembering that there is still ample reasons to pray. More info »

All we have is Christ July 22, 2018

This week we celebrate our past VBS by taking some time to consider the theme verse, which also happens to be the key verse for our Vision at Waverley Church. We pray you are edified as you ponder the complete sufficiency of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. More info »

Calling All Disciples (Part 1) September 9, 2018

As Jesus began His earthly ministry, He chose twelve men to accompany Him. Besides Judas Iscariot, each of them went on to serve Christ faithfully, giving their lives completely in order to spread the Gospel and build the Church. But they did not begin this way. In this message we take a closer look at the disciples and discover that if these men could serve, so can you and I. More info »

Calling All Disciples (Part 2) September 16, 2018

God calls all believers in Jesus Christ to be part of building His Kingdom. This ministry is a balance between sharing the Gospel and helping other believers to grow in their faith. This calling from God comes with its challenges, but as the Bible points out, every believer is given a number of provisions to enable them to serve. More info »

The Kingdom of God October 21, 2018

The Kingdom of God is the biggest theme in the Synoptic Gospels. In this sermon, we explore why understanding something about this mega-theme will empower us to live the Christian life that Jesus intended us to live. More info »

Faith in Action November 4, 2018

What is the relationship between what we do and the faith we believe? For our salvation, the Bible is clear that we are saved by Grace alone, but our actions provide a remarkable testimony about that faith. In this sermon we look at the connection between our faith and works. More info »