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A Merry Family Christmas November 25 - December 23, 2018

When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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Whether a project or a life, everything moves toward what it was meant to be in stages. Our life with Jesus is the same. There are different stages that mark our progress as we advance to become the creation God has always intended us to be. Join us this month to see what each stage of life looks like and then compare where you are.

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Dead on Arrival May 4, 2014

When our physical lives begin, we are truly alive. The Bible paints a different picture of our spiritual life. We have no life or relationship with God. This was never part of God’s plan for us, rather it is the result of sin. But God, the creator, made a way to move out of the first stage of death and takes us into life. More info »

(Re)Start May 11, 2014

When our physical lives begin we are helpless babies who have basic needs. We’re not ready for full life on our own. The same applies when we are born again spiritually. We’re at a stage where we move from death to life, but we need to grow. We need to go through this stage together. On this mothers day, let’s celebrate life and helping one another grow. More info »

Growing May 18, 2014

As we grow and develop, we discover who we are not only as individuals but also who we are as part of the family. The kitchen table is a place where we feed our bodies and nourish our relationships. At the table we learn to converse, share, begin to serve and get along. The person and the family grows through this stage of life in a home and in the church. More info »

Serving May 25, 2014

In our society we think and teach that reaching the top means being the boss to everyone else and having everyone serve us. The Bible flips this around and says the greatest and first must be the ones who, in one sense, work in the kitchen, where no one sees or recognizes them. Yet the one in the kitchen is indispensable to the family. The most important stage of life is arriving at the kitchen where we serve and where we help others reach this stage. More info »