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Real Faith

Real Faith

As Christians, we claim to live by faith, but what does that actually mean day in and day out? In this sermon series, we will explore what it means to have real faith that transforms our lives, our church and the world

In this series (11 messages):

Why Should Faith Be Important to Us April 23, 2017

Why should anyone be concerned about faith? Real faith that stands on solid ground, begins with the role of faith in a person becoming a Christian. In this first message of our sermon series entitled, "Real Faith," we take a look from the book of Romans to see the importance of faith in a person becoming right before God through Jesus Christ.
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Help, I Need Faith! April 30, 2017

We all encounter troubles and challenges in life that we cannot seem to handle. In these circumstances we can see our trust in God diminished or even faulter. What is the believer in Jesus Christ to do when this happens? In this message we turn to an encounter that Jesus had with a desperate father to learn how faith is built on solid ground. More info »

Fish Belly Faith May 7, 2017

Real faith is not separate from real life. We all live under circumstances where we go about the day to day activities of life. At times our days are interrupted by devastating circumstances and tragedy. No matter what our days hold in store for us, we are called as Christians to live with real faith. In this message from the book of Jonah we look at a significant characteristic of faith that is meant to be a part of every aspect of our lives. More info »

Fruitful Faith May 14, 2017

How does a person know if the faith they have is real? Can a person have this kind of assurance in their faith? Jesus tells a story about a farmer who plants his seed that gives us insight into this kind of faith. In this message we will discover how real faith is fruitful faith. More info »

Faithful Action May 21, 2017

Real faith is not just meaningless words. Real faith is a faith of action, but how does that faithful action come to be, and what should it look like? In this message we look at the very first encounter God has with Abraham and from it we learn what it means to have a faith that takes action.

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Gracious Faith May 28, 2017

Real faith which is genuinely established, is entirely God glorifying and stands the test of time and trials comes through God's grace. In this sermon, we look at why grace is critical to real faith, as well as, the dynamic role of grace in creating a faith that is real. More info »

Obedient Faith June 4, 2017

With all kinds of perspectives being presented, what does real faith look like? In this message in our faith series, we see that by a divine encounter between two unlikely people, God teaches us in His Word, what it is to have an obedient faith. More info »

Sightless Faith June 11, 2017

What we see with our eyes is not close to the entire reality of what there is to see. There is spiritual sight that provides a dynamic of being a Christian that helps us to experience real faith. As we look at the faith of one of Christ's disciples we learn some important insights into our own faith. More info »

Faith that Persists June 18, 2017

Will our faith continue to persist despite opposition, or will it crumble? This question is of eternal significance, and the text today may give us the basic understanding necessary to keep our faith, and the action that comes from it, alive and well.

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Servant Faith June 25, 2017

Real faith that is built upon solid ground is designed to flourish through serving Christ, the Gospel and one another in the community of faith. Paul through his ministry and life demonstrated this truth. In this message we take a closer look at what Paul teaches us from his life about servant faith.
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Impossible Faith July 2, 2017

At times we can face ordeals that leave us feeling as if we are in an impossible situation. How can we trust in God when we face the impossible? in this final message in our Real Faith series, we see that we can have the kind of faith that grows and continues in these impossible circumstances. More info »