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For many, the faith we have and the life we live is preposterous. It is beyond the comprehension of people outside faith in Christ that we believe in a God who is all powerful, created everything, fully independent and is perfect in every way. At the same time we believe that we can be in an intimate, personal relationship with God because He Himself came to our world, died for us and rose again from the dead. This is the message we live and die for and tell everyone around us.

This belief has changed people radically. Those who truly believe in this preposterous message think, live, speak and react in a manner which is totally opposite of the world around us. Our faith and life seems preposterous, but is the only hope for us, our families, our work and our world. This series will look at the preposterous faith we have in Jesus Christ and how it should, and will, change our hearts, lives and relationships forever.

In this series (4 messages):

Gratuitous Grace July 25, 2010

We were dead in sin, separated from God and deserving of His punishment. This is recognized by everyone and religions try and try to erase this debt, change the course of lives and arrive at God. Issue: all of these methods of changing our situation are what we invent. They are predictable, boring, unreliable and unsatisfying. Ultimately, they leave us realizing we are back where we started.

Grace is free, in fact it is gratuitous. Our salvation given on this free grace of God. Our works are based on this grace. The works are giving grace to others. Giving grace means daily and unselfishly serving, loving and caring for others whether or not they seem to deserve it. More info »

Lavished Love August 1, 2010

The message of love in the Bible is preposterous. Some of this message may not seem so preposterous. For instance, husbands should love their wives and vice versa. But then the Bible teaches us to love others, even strangers. Even our enemies! Preposterous!

Throughout history people have disobeyed God, offended Him, inflicted pain on each other and are destroying the very planet God lovingly furnished for us. For us, love is conditional and based on getting a good return. Nevertheless, God lavished His love on us. He recklessly and generously heaps piles of love on us. He has gone so far as to change us from His enemies and to His children without cost to us. Preposterous!

With that much love lavished upon us, how can it not change the way we love God and others? This week’s message will show us the depth of God’s great love for us and how we can begin to love in the same preposterous way. More info »

Superior Spirit August 8, 2010

Wouldn’t it be great if Jesus were still here on the earth? Jesus because He would be leaving, someone else would come who would be better for us. Preposterous!

It is true. When Jesus left the Holy Spirit came. He is a Superior Spirit to anything in this world. He wants to comfort us, help us, give us strength and lead us to truth. This is something we cannot find anywhere else in this world. He is Superior!

This week we’ll learn who the Superior Spirit is and how He will change our lives, relationships and perspective. He’s preposterous yet superior! More info »

Fabulous Family August 15, 2010

No one wants to be alone. It is a basic need of every human being to belong and to have an identity. The most basic place in which to belong and have an identity is within the context of a family. A family should be the place where there is the most intimacy and solidarity.

Every person is separated from God and is called an enemy of God in the Bible. Yet God hates this separation. He longs to be in a relationship with each and every person. He created the way to bridge that gap and bring everyone close to Him: faith in the work and person of Jesus. Preposterous!

All those who enter into this family enter into a deep communion with God. They are known by Him and they begin to know Him, too. As our intimacy deepens with God, our relationship with others develops into something truly family and truly fabulous. More info »