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Living It

Living It

To know about God and Jesus is very important. To have knowledge from the Bible about how we should live our lives is crucial. Knowing how to put this knowledge into practice is very helpful. The question for us is, are we actually living it? A follower of Jesus doesn’t just “know and do” to check off the list and feel good about themselves. This summer we’ll take a look at what the Bible teacher Paul had to say to followers of Jesus in the ancient Macedonian city of Thessolonica about how a true Christian takes their faith and knowledge and actually lives it.

In this series (6 messages):

Everyone Knows It Because You Are Living It July 14, 2013

A common misconception in our North American thinking is that “my faith is private.” Our faith should not be private. We should be living our faith in every part of our lives. Faith in Jesus means we speak, act and react differently than the rest of the world. We aren’t proud of ourselves for our “superior” belief system, we are proud of Jesus Christ who did everything to change our today and forever so we can truly live it. More info »

Living It By Sharing Your Life July 21, 2013

Now that we know how we are “supposed to act” now that we “have Jesus” in our lives, we’re all set, right? Jesus didn’t come to give us the checklist of good things to do and bad things to avoid. Jesus paid a steep price to bring us into a relationship with God and give us a new life to live. This life is meant to be shared and lived with others so they, too, can experience the changes that only Jesus brings. More info »

Living It Under Pressure July 28, 2013

Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble.” What encouraging words from our Jesus! Not really! Just take a look at our world and we know Jesus was right. But how does that help us “live it?” Paul went through terrible struggles just for being a Christian and living our his faith in Jesus, but he did it under pressure because Jesus also said, “Take heart! I have overcome the world!” Under pressure we will truly be able to live our our faith with full confidence and integrity. More info »

Living It God’s Way August 4, 2013

We know and believe in Jesus. We are learning what the Bible says to us. Now let’s just go out and live it! The question is, “Why?” What is our motivation to “live it?” We live our faith for someone else: for God and for Jesus who is the author of our faith and life. Our “living it” isn’t to make us happy, it is to make God happy. In the end, by living it for God we get all the blessings. More info »

Living It Because Of The Happy Ending August 11, 2013

Are we allowed to look to the end of the book with the Bible? It may ruin your crime novel, but it may very well make your day if you take a look at the end of God’s story in the Bible. Knowing the happy ending for those with faith in Christ make today so much easier to understand and then live. More info »

Living It Every Day August 18, 2013

It is worth it to take our faith and knowledge of Jesus and live it to the max. We can do it because Jesus is completely faithful. He gives us everything we need to be able to live it, no matter what. Jesus gives us what we need to live it each day for that day. More info »