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Is living the life of a follower of Jesus just about obeying rules and regulations? On top of that, these rules set an impossible standard. If that is the case, what sets Christianity apart from any other religion or philosophy in our day and age? Jesus has given us a call to have a totally different way of living than the world around us. Jesus has also given us everything we need to accomplish this. Join us this month as we take a look at a letter written to a leader by the name of Titus. What was told to this leader will help us us define living.

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Living Above February 2, 2014

When someone does not have a standard by which they live, they tend to set the bar pretty low. In our society we see the ethical bar being set this way. Jesus set the bar high and has called each of his followers to aim for a goal of integrity in every aspect of their lives. Jesus has called and equipped us to live above the standard of the world around us. More info »

Living Deep February 9, 2014

The very way in which we interact with each other and with the world around us on a daily level reveals the depth of our thinking and integrity. Jesus didn’t call us to live an ultra-spiritual monastic life. Rather he has called us to be in a deep relationship with him and allow that relationship to influence the way we live each day and with each person in our life. More info »

Living Right February 16, 2014

It’s a myth that “living right” involves doing what is “good” and avoiding what is “bad”. As human beings we have a hard enough time defining “good” and “bad” without even trying to live according to that standard. It ends up being really foggy and confusing. Through Jesus we receive a complete change of heart and mind. We think and decide according to a completely new set of criteria. In turn, that spills out into our lives and relationships. More info »

Baptism February 23, 2014

Living the new life that Jesus gives us means taking certain steps to demonstrate what has happened. Our everyday life and speech is the key indicator, but Jesus also gave us a powerful visual illustration of what he has done in our lives to give us forgiveness, bring us into a relationship with God and to radically transform our own lives: baptism. A group of people will be sharing their life story of how Jesus has changed them and then will illustrate this by stepping into the waters of baptism, which symbolize God’s work in our lives through Jesus. Join us for this special celebration of Jesus’ work in our lives. More info »