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Jesus Shows us the Way March 4 - April 1, 2018

Easter, and the weeks leading up to Christ's sacrifice on the cross and resurrection, are an opportunity for all believers… More info »

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God has broken down the barriers between us and him. This has made it possible for us to interact with God personally and show our love towards him. Lines can be many things for us for some of us they guidelines to stay inside of for others these are lines of communication. For the next two weeks we will be talking about the lines God has given us to hold onto and use to become closer to him.

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From A-B December 28, 2014

There are many lines that keep us connected or disconnected from each other. We are going to talk about our line of connection to God. So often we forget that it is there as a real line to use as not just a line of communication, but as a help line, support line, and a relationship that can change our lives! More info »

Colouring Inside the Lines January 4, 2015

: More info »