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A Merry Family Christmas November 25 - December 23, 2018

When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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Journey to the Cross

Journey to the Cross

Jesus came to this earth to fulfill the will of God His Father. From His birth, through His ministry, and in His resurrection, we are witnesses of how God has chosen to show His love for a dying world. In this series we are taking a journey to the cross that will conclude with the grand spectacle of Jesus rising from the grave. As we navigate this road to the cross, we hope to be renewed in our awe for our saviour who became one of us in order to bring us eternal hope.

In this series (4 messages):

The Legendary Savior March 19, 2017

Jesus Christ was the legendary fulfillment of biblical promises made long before he walked down to the shore of the Jordan River to be baptized by John. With His water baptism, Jesus received his commission, was empowered by the Holy Spirit and was confirmed by His Heavenly Father. It is this event that began His earthly ministry that would begin His journey to the Cross. From this incident we are encouraged to see the significance of God coming in the flesh. More info »

Fully Satisfied March 26, 2017

What brings you satisfaction? There are a variety of answers to this question, but only one brings satisfaction that lasts forever. In this third message in our Journey to the Cross series, we explore how Jesus is the bread of life from which a person will never hunger again and will be completely satisfied. More info »

Our Servant King April 2, 2017

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, with authority over all peoples, all times, and all places to command them as He pleases, and rules them as He wills. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. However, He also came to earth in humility: in one of the lowest classes of a culture, to be arrested, tortured and killed by His own people. What does it look like to follow and reflect a person of such contrasting characteristics? More info »

A Royal Welcome April 9, 2017

This Sunday we reflect on the Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, recorded by Matthew. It is a grand celebration, and yet under the surface, there are some troubling misunderstandings of who Jesus is, and what He came to do. As a result, this celebration is short lived. For the modern listener, we are challenged by the response of the crowds: will we welcome Jesus Christ in all that He is and came to do, or will we simply reflect the misunderstandings and sin of this ancient crowd? More info »