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House Calls With Doctor Luke

House Calls With Doctor Luke


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The Doctor is in the House: Two Books, One Story October 25, 2015

Everyone loves a good sequel. Whether it's a long awaited book that completes a set or that second movie that answers all the cliffhangers, the best sequels try to pick up where the last story left off. The 'doctor's' writings make up more that 25% of our New Testament and his perspective offers a particularly relevant message for today readers. We hope that you will join us for a five week study through the major themes of Doctor Luke's Gospel, and his sequel, the book of Acts. In this message, we will introduce our series, and learn that what was initially given to God's chosen people, was now being freely offered and openly given to anyone who would accept this life altering message of mercy and grace. More info »

The Promised Helper Arrives: Empowered to move Forward November 1, 2015

Just before ascending into heaven, Jesus looked at His disciples and said, "I am going to send you what my Father has promised...". A short time later, as they were gathered together in Jerusalem, that promised helper showed up... and the world would never be the same again. Join us as we look at who this helper was, how he shaped the early church and the impact that he can have in our lives today.
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Living in the Margin: Wealth, Poverty and Caring for the Marginalized November 8, 2015

Doctor Luke's writings help us to understand God's love and concern for the poor and marginalized in our society. He reminds us that Jesus cared for and healed the sick and poor, and demanded that the early church to do the same. Join us as we explore how the doctor brings together the life of Jesus, and the beginnings of the church. More info »

The Power of Words November 22, 2015

The doctor powerfully illustrates the impact that prayer can have when Jesus followers are willing to humble themselves, and make prayer an act of submission before their God. Join us as we explore the prayers of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke, and look at how the new church followed that example in the book of Acts. More info »