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When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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God’s House

God’s House

One of the names we have given church is “God’s House”. This is actually a phrase to describe the Old Testament place of worship. After Jesus, the idea of “God’s House” changed.It is actually the true “Church”, which is not a building rather our relationship with God and each other. It is the new house in which we live. It is our true home. In the month of May let’s look at what our house and home really look like according to the Bible.

In this series (3 messages):

Foundation May 6, 2012

Jesus is the creator of the universe, not to mention he was a carpenter growing up in Nazareth, making Him the most qualified to build the House of God and make it our home. When we understand who is the true foundation of our church, we will begin to live and relate to one another based on that truth. More info »

Framing May 13, 2012

Who really lives in the house of God? We think those who go to church, give their money, serve in some capacity and are all-around nice people are the ones who truly belong to God’s House. The Bible shows us exactly who is part of the family and what each one does in the House. More info »

Finishing May 20, 2012

Whenever we begin a building project we have an end goal in mind. What is the goal for God’s house? What does the final project look like when it is complete and furnished? The Bible describes Jesus’ final design for God’s house and how we fit in. More info »