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Game Of Stones

Game Of Stones


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Game of Stones: Moses On The Mount June 21, 2015

On Mount Sinai, God passed on to Moses ten rules that the ancient Israelites were commanded to follow. Chiseled onto two stone tablets, these commandments are still considered the benchmarks of the type of life God desires from His followers. Join us as we launch our 2015 summer sermon series, Game of Stones, and revisit the reason why these old words are as meaningful today as they were back then.
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Game Of Thrones: No Other Gods June 28, 2015

When God gave Moses the first of the ten commandments, He made it clear that His people were to have an exclusive relationship with Him. Jesus reiterated this principle in Matthew 22. When asked, "... which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment." Join us as we explore why keeping God first, is the cornerstone for a healthy spiritual life. More info »

Game Of Stones: No Graven Images July 5, 2015

If someone were to ask you to describe God, how would you do it?
If someone were to ask you to tell them about his attributes, what would you tell them? Is it even possible to explain Him in a way that a person could fully grasp? No matter how good, or how powerful, or how beautiful, or how spiritually significant an image or object might be, it can never contain all that God is. Join us as we continue our conversation on the Ten Commandments, this week looking at the Third Commandment. More info »

Game Of Stones: Name In Vain July 12, 2015

Names are important to us, brand names help to say how important or successful we are. The name that is the most important however is God's name. This week we are going to dig into what God's is saying when He asks us not to use His name in vain. We are going to discover how we can rethink God's name in our lives and place His name above all other names! More info »

Game Of Stones: Remember The Sabbath July 19, 2015

The word “Sabbath” comes from the Hebrew word “shabbat,” that means to cease or desist. In the fourth Commandment, God reminds the Nation of Isrial about two important things. Firstly, that God created the heavens and the earth in six days and rested on the seventh (v.11). Secondly, that Israel lived in slavery in Egypt where they did not get a day off or allowed to have a day to worship (Duet.5:15). Join us as we explore the fourth commandment and look at its relevance and signifiance to those living under the New Law. More info »

Game Of Stones: Honour Your Father & Mother July 26, 2015

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Game Of Stones: Do Not Kill August 2, 2015

When God created human life, He intended for it to remain sacred and valuable. We live in a world where we see and hear about senseless death each and every day. The Bible teaches us that life is a sacred gift from God and any society or individual that despises the value of life will lose their way and become corrupt. We are to love life and seek to preserve and sanctify it. How do we continue to cherish life, when the world around us keeps minimizing it. Join us as we look at the the sixth commandment, and discover a new reason to embrace life to the fullest. More info »

Game Of Stones: Do Not Commit Adultery August 9, 2015

When Moses brought the stone tablets down from Mount Sinai, and the Nation of Isrial heard God's voice say, "You shall not commit adultery", He was saying so much more than, 'Don't have sex outside of marriage'. God was reminding them that they had entered into a unique covenant relationship with their spouse and with God. Join us as we explore this covenant relationship and learn that this 'sacred trust' likely means more than you thought.
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Game Of Stones: Summer Kids Week Sunday August 16, 2015

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Game Of Stones: Do Not Bare False Witness August 23, 2015

Honesty is an important part of our society, we have created laws to prevent people from lying under oath or on our term paper and business reports, but what about every other part of our lives? We desire trust. We want to be able to believe what people tell us. More than that we have a responsibility to the people around us to be honest. Lets take a look at what it means to "Bear False Witness" and find out why this is so important and how we can represent truth in our lives! More info »

Game Of Stones: Do Not Covet August 30, 2015

Why do you think that most fads catch on? Most catch on because most of us are guilty of wanting what everyone else already has. Join us as we explore the story of Abraham and Lot and learn that a coveting heart will always lead us to places that we never wanted to go. More info »

Game Of Stones: Do Not Steal September 6, 2015

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