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Summer in the Psalms 2017 June 18 - June 25, 2017

The psalms provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about our God, learn about ourselves and enter into the unique experience… More info »

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Easter Services 2017

Easter Services 2017

Easter is the most important session of the Christian calendar. Join us during Lent and for Good Friday and Sunday services.

In this series (2 messages):

The Defeat of Death April 14, 2017

By every measurable appearance, it looked as if, on the day Jesus Christ died, that he was overcome by death. But there was more to this day than meets the eye. In this Good Friday message, we look to the Scriptures to see the true significance of Christ's death.
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Truly Alive April 16, 2017

Easter is the day that we celebrate Christ defeating the power of death and sin. But what does that mean for the person who believes in Jesus Christ? In this Easter message we look to the pages of the Bible to see the true power of the resurrection of Christ.

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