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A Merry Family Christmas November 25 - December 23, 2018

When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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When God made everything in creation He said it was all good. Except for one thing, Adam was alone and God said that was not good because He has intended from the beginning that we be together. Not only together with Him, but equally important is that we be together in a family and community of those who believe in and love Jesus.

Being together has huge implications. God wants us to live life together, serve others together and celebrate together. Together is the key to living the full Christian life. Is this even possible? This month we will look at Acts 2 and not read theory but the actual experience of those who truly were together because of Jesus in their lives.

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Called to Community September 9, 2012

It was God's purpose from the beginning that everyone be together. He wants us to experience life together. He wants us to grow together. God's design in sending Jesus was to bring people together with Him. Let's celebrate together as we not only kick off the new program year at Waverley Church, but also kick off this series on being true community. Let's answer the call and be Community together. More info »

Celebrate Together September 16, 2012

Community, it sounds like family, full of people we love and sometimes cannot stand. Whatever it is, community is something to celebrate together. We can be together and celebrate the reason we are together: Jesus. When the true church began nearly 2000 years ago, people couldn't get enough of community. There was always a reason to celebrate together. Come celebrate Community together. More info »

Serve Together September 23, 2012

So, what do we do together? Exactly! We DO! At the beginning of the church people had needs just like us: physical, emotional, relational and spiritual. What happened? Everyone worked together to make sure those needs were met. They served together and served one another. This is the reason God created Community. More info »

Grow Together September 30, 2012

On the first day of the church, the church grew from 120 to over 3000! People got into the Community right away and it was a very, very positive thing for everyone. This Community also grew in their love for each other, the way they served each other and in knowing and loving Jesus more and more. It was all done together and this special Community that Jesus created grew. Let's grow in Community together. More info »