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Close Encounters

Close Encounters

The Gospels are filled with powerful stories of life-altering encounters that people had with Jesus. Some of these encounters occurred naturally as He traveled from town to town, while others involved Jesus going out of His way to confront those who were running from the truth. Join us for tour series, Close Encounters, as we explore the life-altering possibilities that can happen when we encounter Jesus.

In this series (11 messages):

Nick-at-Night - The Story of Nicodemus September 14, 2014

Nicodemus came to Jesus at night as a well educated, sceptic. When he left, his world view had been shaken to its core. Join us as we look deeper at Jesus interaction with this religious leader, and learn that you can have a sincere religious faith, and yet still be lost. More info »

The Hour of Decision - The Story of Pontius Pilate September 21, 2014

Pontius Pilate was a powerful man who was set in his ways. He had the opportunity to experience true-change during an encounter with Jesus. Would he choose to listen to the crowd, or listen to his heart. What would happen if we took our faith seriously? How do we get unstuck from our daily routine and start living our life for Christ? More info »

Supper with a Sinner - The Story of Zacchaeus September 28, 2014

Zacchaeus was a man who was seen by many as a traitor, a thief, and someone who was beyond the reach of God’s grace. One afternoon, Jesus singled him out of a crowd and began to rewrite this man’s story and we are again reminded that none of us are belong hope. Jesus will redeem your past, transform the present and redirect your future. More info »

Healed By Grace - The Story of the Invalid October 5, 2014

Poor, alone, sick and without hope. That is where Jesus found this man. He had exhausted every medical option to be healed and was now putting his faith in a superstition. His life was about to change by one simple question. Jesus asked him, “Do you want to get well?” More info »

Thirsty?  - The Story of a Woman at a Well October 12, 2014

To the religious elite, this woman was ceremonially unclean, racially impure and religiously heretical… and she knew it. She came to the well looking for water, but left having encountered Jesus, and her life would never be the same again. She came looking for H20 and left with, “…a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” More info »

Mostly Dead: The story of Lazarus and Jesus October 19, 2014

Time is a commodity in our culture and "time spent, is time earned”. Is this truly how we view our time! Jesus spent significant time with people and he was never concerned with the cost of that time. Stop living a mostly dead life and take the full life God has for you! More info »

Kenya Update October 26, 2014

N/A More info »

Spiritual Blindness: The Story of a Blind Man and a Blind Community November 2, 2014

In John chapter 9, Jesus confronts two very different kinds of blindness. He heals a man who had been blind since his birth, and then confronts a group of people whose blindness prevents them from truly understanding what pleases God. To both, He can offer the gift of sight. More info »

A Soldier’s Faith: The Story of a Centurion November 9, 2014

Join us for this special Remembrance Day message as we take a closer look at the Roman Centurion’s encounter with Jesus in Luke chapter 7. What kind of faith does it take to amaze Jesus? The Centurions faith is a powerful example to us all of humility and trust. More info »

The Road to Damascus: A Guide For the Directionally Challenged November 16, 2014

How many of us has been lost? Well you are not alone. Paul was someone who was also lost. Whether or not he knew it, Paul was someone who was going the wrong direction. Pauls encounter with Jesus changed that, he was no longer lost, but was found by Christ. Lets dig into this encounter and find out what it means to be found by Christ! More info »

My Faith, My Story, My Encounter November 23, 2014

Join us as we look back at some of the powerful lessons we’ve learned from our 10 week, Close Encounters message series, and explore what it takes for us to have a fresh, authentic and daily encounter with Jesus.
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