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Clean Up on Aisle 5

Clean Up on Aisle 5

We can see that things aren’t quite right in our world. Our own poor decisions as well as the bad actions of others have combined to leave a big mess in our lives. This mess affects our relationships, our thinking, our emotions, our work, and even the planet we live on. No matter what we do, we can’t seem to clean up this mess. The mess is sin. The good news is that someone has come to clean up our mess. Join us as Pastor Brad Quiring helps us face the fact of our mess and the One who can clean it all up.

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The Mess in Aisle 5 March 25, 2012

We aren’t sinners because we sin; we sin because we are sinners. Adam and Eve created a mess not because they threw the apple core on the ground; they deliberately chose their own way as opposed to God’s way. Their change of heart toward God has been passed down through the ages to us. We continue to perpetuate the disastrous mess because we have hearts that are messed up. We need to recognize that we created this mess. More info »

Not the Janitor We had Expected April 1, 2012

The people of Israel thought they were in a mess caused by the Roman occupiers. When Jesus rode into town, they thought he would clean up that mess. They didn’t realize that he hadn’t come to fix that problem; he had come to clean up their sin…and ours. We sometimes think Jesus has come to clean up certain things in our lives when in reality he came to be King in our lives and thus transform us. More info »

The Full Cleanup April 6, 2012

Jesus last words on the cross outside Jerusalem were, “It is Finished”. The cleanup was complete! The price he had to pay to clean up our sinful mess was steep. Let’s join together to recognize how deep and complete Jesus’ cleanup was because of what he did on the cross. More info »

A Clean Start April 8, 2012

Jesus’ cleanup job on the earth would not have been complete if he had just stayed in the grave. His coming back to life gives each human being the opportunity to have new life with a clean start. This clean start also means that the continuous cleanup of our life goes on through the work of Jesus. None of this could have happened without Easter Sunday! More info »