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A Merry Family Christmas November 25 - December 23, 2018

When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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Christmas Through New Eyes

Christmas Through New Eyes

Through the eyes of a child Christmas is presents, bright lights, playing in the snow and Christmas programs. Through an adult’s eyes Christmas is much the same, but with a lot of work thrown in. Through some people’s eyes Christmas is a ridiculous, commercialized and irrelevant event. Through other’s eyes Christmas is a time of seeing how alone and lost they are. Let’s look at Christmas through new eyes this Advent season. God is looking at us through His eyes of love, wisdom and power.

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Christmas through the Eyes of the Prophets November 25, 2012

Hundreds of years before Jesus was born there were people to whom God revealed a special message. They weren’t sure of the specifics of their messages but they did know something life and world changing was coming. The prophets’ eyes saw the wonder, power and love of a God who had an incredible plan for all humanity. Let’s look at Christmas through the prophets’ amazed eyes. More info »

Christmas through the Eyes of the Angels December 2, 2012

God’s divine messengers had a huge role to play in the drama we call “the first Christmas”. They spoke directly with the key players in Christmas. Maybe they didn’t understand it all but the angels’ love for God and dedication to His call was critical to setting the events of Christmas in motion. Let’s look at Christmas through the eyes of the messengers as they announced this glorious event. More info »

Christmas through the Eyes of Simeon and Anna December 9, 2012

Simeon and Anna never wavered or faltered in their faith in God through so many years of life. They knew something huge was going to happen in their lifetime and they saw the promise of God fulfilled before their very eyes. They could do nothing but celebrate the greatest gift ever: Jesus. Let’s look at Christmas through the eyes of those who saw God’s promise fulfilled. More info »

Christmas through the Eyes of the Shepherds December 16, 2012

Shepherds lived and worked with sheep out in the countryside. No glamour and no praise. Yet one special night it was these simple, hardworking men who saw a choir of angels in concert. They saw the first Christmas present before anyone else. Let’s look at Christmas through the eyes of the Shepherds as they saw a gift from God offered to everyone, no matter who or where they were.

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Christmas through the Eyes of Mary December 23, 2012

A young woman with a good heart sees a bright future ahead as she prepares to marry an honest, loving man. One day a divine visitor arrived with news that changed her view on God, the world and her own life completely. She would see and experience things that never would have happened to anyone else from her little town. Let’s look at Christmas through the eyes of Mary who had her view of the world changed by Jesus. More info »

Christmas through the Eyes of God December 24, 2012

Every parent loves to give great presents to their kids. No one really wants to give a gift to those who have rejected them and treat them like enemies. God saw and felt the rejection of the world and how his precious creation raced through a self-destructive life with no hope. He saw this through eyes of love and gave a gift to all humanity that is the only hope and only way for true salvation. Let’s look at Christmas through the eyes of God, the greatest gift-giver. More info »