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Camp Waverley

Camp Waverley

Summer is camp time. Thousands of kids and youth head off to camp for part of the summer every year. Many of us have had a camp experience in some way in our lives. One of the favourite times for everyone at camp is the time around the campfire, where we sing songs and tell stories. Telling stories is one of the most effective ways to learn important lessons. Jesus loved to tell stories and used these stories, called parables, to illustrate deep truths that should affect the way we relate to God, life's situations and other people. Join us for a "story time" at Camp Waverley this summer.

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Story Time June 22, 2014

Jesus used stories, called parables, as he taught his followers and the public around him. What is a parable, why did Jesus use them and what can we learn from them today? For those who were willing to give Jesus a chance, the parables opened a glimpse into Heaven and into God's heart and mind. Let's sit down and listen to Jesus tell us great, deep truths through stories. More info »

Smart Construction June 29, 2014

You don't have to be an engineer to know that a very good foundation is the key to the long life and security of any building. Our relationships, thoughts, reactions and decisions in life require a strong foundation in order to secure a truly "good" life. Jesus told us a story about two different builders, building the same house but on different foundations. Come to learn about a story of how to build our lives. More info »

A Friend in the Night and the Unjust Judge July 6, 2014

Prayer. Is it presenting a list to God? Is it saying certain words in a certain way and then all is good? How about banging on God’s door until they open it for you? Sometimes Jesus took an example of how to deal with a really disagreeable person to show how we can approach an infinitely good and loving God. Come to learn a story of how to persevere as you communicate with God…he will come through! More info »

Sower, Seed, Soil July 13, 2014

The message of God is going out all over the world, just like seed spread over a field. Why are there so many different reactions to this incredible message? Jesus told a story that showed how God’s message to us is received. Join us and think about how ready you are to listen, receive and follow Jesus. More info »

A Really Big Deal from Such a Little Thing July 20, 2014

The Kingdom of God. Big, shiny, majestic, thunder and lightning, millions of angels descending and God appears, right? The Kingdom of God will be like that in the future, but what is it now? How do we respond when we discover it? Come hear some stories from Jesus on how such a big thing can just sneak up on us from something seemingly insignificant. More info »

An Unmerciful Servant July 27, 2014

As human beings we tend to be incredibly selfish ingrates. We certainly don’t deserve the good God gives us, yet when we receive it, do we pay it forward? When God gives us such great blessings, how are we receiving them and how are we giving them to others? Join us as Jesus teaches us a conscience-kicking story about true forgiveness. More info »

The Big Banquet August 3, 2014

Imagine having the wealthiest, most influential and powerful person in your area invite you to a huge banquet as his guest. How would you receive his invitation? One just assumes an automatic, “yes!” Not everyone is so inclined, though. Join us as Jesus tells us a surprising story of who was invited and how they responded. More info »

The Wise and Foolish Bridesmaids August 10, 2014

Jesus told a story that everyone could identify with. It had to do with a great wedding celebration. Back in his day, the wedding came unannounced, so everyone had to be ready for the party. Some are, some aren’t. God has told everyone who believes in Jesus to be ready for his arrival. Join us, listen to this story and see if you are ready. More info »

The Good Shepherd August 17, 2014

In Jesus’ time sheep were vitally important to the economy and the religious practices. A good shepherd was a necessity. The truly good shepherd was willing to put their life on the line for the sake of the sheep. The bad shepherds ran at the first sign of trouble, didn’t care for the flock and even stole some of the sheep for themselves. Join us to see how Jesus is a truly good shepherd for those who are his “sheep”. More info »

Summer Kids Week Sunday August 24, 2014

Summer Kids Week is the biggest children’s event each year at Waverley. Dozens of volunteers and kids get together, play together, sing together and learn about Jesus together. The “Weird Animals” of the themes may not be the only strange creatures around. Join the kids and volunteers this Sunday to celebrate a fantastic week. More info »

The Giant Killer, Ready and Running August 31, 2014

The account of David and Goliath is one of the most well-known stories from the Bible. We think of the little shepherd boy armed with only a slingshot going out to face off against the vicious, killer giant. It is the basis for every underdog story we love to repeat. If we read the account in 1 Samuel 17 with more care, we find out that this isn't really about an underdog taking on an impossible battle. The young David came in as a veteran fighter and he came in with an attitude. Not an attitude of a cocky, self-assured fighter, rather the attitude of someone who knew God's name and honour was on the line. Join us Labour Day Sunday for a fresh look at the young giant killer. More info »