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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

We make choices. As opportunities present themselves we act on them. Our choices are based on who we are, what we have learned and our experiences of life. These choices are not strictly personal, because how we choose to live affects those around us. The effects of our choices can be deep-reaching for both good and bad. This month we’ll take a look at some key people in the Bible and how they chose to break bad and the lessons we can learn from them.

In this series (4 messages):

King David - Broken Influence October 27, 2013

King David had incredible influence over his own nation and the nations around him. Unfortunately he took that influence and used it for a fling, which led to coverups, which led to murder, which led to deeper lies and eventually destroyed his family and brought his country to civil war. Yet he still came back thanks to God’s influence. All of us have influence given by God to bring about blessings or curses to ourselves and those around us. How will we exercise that influence after we see what happened in David’s life? More info »

Jonah - You can Run but You Cannot Hide November 3, 2013

We run away when we are afraid. Some things we should run from but there are other situations where we just choose to be cowardly and selfish and avoid what we should face. Jonah found himself on the opposite end of a deep-sea fishing trip because he chose to run away from a challenge from God when he should have run to it. How will we break into a run when God sets the challenge in front of us? More info »

Peter - Out of Control November 17, 2013

Peter thought he was the number one guy with Jesus. He was his best friend and boasted that he would take a bullet for his teacher. Jesus knew differently and warned the control freak that things would go in a completely different direction...and they did. Peter lost control and became part of the plan to put Jesus to death. But like Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, Peter was given new life by Jesus himself. When we break out of control, will we come back to Jesus when he invites us in? More info »

Saul - Misguided November 24, 2013

Of all the upcoming leaders, Saul was number one. The religious establishment saw him as their bright future, and he did not disappoint. He channelled all his energy and conviction into ensuring that the cause continued through him. Great motives but horrific execution. He had to face this harsh reality when Jesus paid him a dramatic, personal visit. Will we let great motives break us in the wrong direction or let Jesus break us into his way? More info »