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Biblical Leadership September 23 - October 29, 2018

Throughout the pages of the Bible, leadership is a central component for the followers of God as they are called… More info »

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Biblical Leadership

Biblical Leadership

Throughout the pages of the Bible, leadership is a central component for the followers of God as they are called to guide one another towards a rich and joyous relationship with Christ. In this series, we take a close look at what leadership looks like in the Old and New Testaments and how the biblical truths regarding leadership are to be implemented in the local church.

In this series (4 messages):

The Leadership of God September 23, 2018

From creation to the present day, God has been leading the world He created and the people He has saved from their sins. In this first message about biblical leadership, we begin by learning about the leadership of God and how we as His followers are to respond to his guidance today and as He continues to lead for eternity. More info »

Leadership in the Old Testament September 30, 2018

Through out the history of Israel, God raised up various leaders to guide His people. Three roles were prominent; The prophet, priest and king. In this message we take a closer look at these roles and connect them to our relationship with Jesus Christ and to our lives today. More info »

Leadership in the New Testament October 7, 2018

God has continued to care for his people through the establishment of the Church. The leadership that was established during the earthly life of Jesus and carried on after he returned to Heaven takes place as Christ continues as He is the head of the Church. In this sermon we examine what Christ's headship means as well as touch on the offices of Elder and Deacon. More info »

The Leadership of Deacons October 28, 2018

God's son entered the world and came to serve. As He established the church He did not stray from this mandate, but also passed the call to serve unto the church. As we look at church leadership we see that the Church instituted Deacons who were to serve the body of Christ. In this sermon we take a closer look at this important role and how our understanding of it, is significant for all believers. More info »