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Biblical Leadership September 23 - October 29, 2018

Throughout the pages of the Bible, leadership is a central component for the followers of God as they are called… More info »

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Biblical Leadership
Biblical Leadership Pastor Tony Penner

Throughout the pages of the Bible, leadership is a central component for the followers of God as they are called to guide one another towards a rich and joyous relationship with Christ. In this series, we take a close look at what leadership looks like in the Old and New Testaments and how the biblical truths regarding leadership are to... More info »

Pondering Proverbs
Pondering Proverbs Pastor Tony Penner

The book of Proverbs contains beautiful wisdom that provides insights and guidance for the Christian life. In this nine part series, we take time to put our feet up and ponder this book for its wisdom, instruction and direction, so that we may walk closer with God and are able to navigate our way in this world. More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
Ephesians - Complete Study Series Pastor Tony Penner

The Book of Ephesians is a monumental work that depicts the magnificence of God and displays the grandeur of Christ and His work on the Cross. Throughout its pages, the book displays what God has done to transform the lives of people, and gives hope to living for Christ as the church of God. In this series, we will explore... More info »

Jesus Shows us the Way
Jesus Shows us the Way Tony Penner

Easter, and the weeks leading up to Christ's sacrifice on the cross and resurrection, are an opportunity for all believers to turn our hearts and minds towards Jesus who has redeemed us from our sin. In this series we will study different passages from the Bible that remind us how Jesus is the only way to know God and to... More info »

Sightings of the Saviour
Sightings of the Saviour Tony Penner

Christmas is the time when we celebrate the arrival of Jesus. Part of this joyous occasion is the anticipation of Christ. In this series, we look at how Jesus is seen and glimpsed in different ways in the Old Testament, long before his arrival in Bethlehem More info »

Summer in the Psalms 2017
Summer in the Psalms 2017 Tony Penner

The psalms provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about our God, learn about ourselves and enter into the unique experience of worship. In this summer series, we will be looking at several psalms that will challenge and enrich our lives. More info »

Real Faith
Real Faith Tony Penner

As Christians, we claim to live by faith, but what does that actually mean day in and day out? In this sermon series, we will explore what it means to have real faith that transforms our lives, our church and the world More info »

Easter Services 2017
Easter Services 2017 Tony Penner

Easter is the most important session of the Christian calendar. Join us during Lent and for Good Friday and Sunday services. More info »

Journey to the Cross
Journey to the Cross Tony Penner

Jesus came to this earth to fulfill the will of God His Father. From His birth, through His ministry, and in His resurrection, we are witnesses of how God has chosen to show His love for a dying world. In this series we are taking a journey to the cross that will conclude with the grand spectacle of Jesus rising... More info »

Esther; The Unseen Sovereignty
Esther; The Unseen Sovereignty Tony Penner

The book of Esther is the remarkable re-telling of the story of a young woman named Esther who is one of many Jews living in Persia. Through extraordinary circumstances, Esther is moved from obscurity to being the Queen of Persia where she has the opportunity to save her people from being destroyed. As she navigates a series of events she... More info »

Blueprint for the Church
Blueprint for the Church Tony Penner

What is the Blueprint for the Church? Jesus Christ established the church and in the Scriptures we are told what the church of Christ is to be. In this 2016 Fall series we are going examine the blueprint for the church by looking into the different aspects what it means to be the community of faith. We will see the value,... More info »

Summer in the Psalms
Summer in the Psalms Tony Penner

The Psalms tug at the deepest parts of the human soul, resonating with expressions of pain and great joy. In this brief series we are going to get a glimpse of the depth and richness of these songs. We will be encouraged to deeply follow God and given direction for our daily lives. More info »

Easter Services 2016
Easter Services 2016 Tony Penner

Easter is the most important session of the Christian calendar lets celebrate it together! More info »

Authentic Faith
Authentic Faith Tony Penner

What is Authenticity? We all value authenticity in our conversations, we desire truth in advertising and we want authentic marriages. But what is authentic Christian faith? Starting January 24th we will be studying 1 John together to understand what is authentic faith and how it impacts our daily lives. More info »

Paranormal Activity
Paranormal Activity Bruce Hollins

A behind the scenes look at God's work in your life! More info »

The Lights Of Christmas
The Lights Of Christmas Bruce Hollins, Michael Byram

: More info »

House Calls With Doctor Luke
House Calls With Doctor Luke Bruce Hollins, Michael Byram

: More info »

Modern Family
Modern Family Bruce Hollins

: More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones Bruce Hollins, Michael Byram

: More info »

Heroes Bruce Hollins, Michael Byram, Guest Speaker

Heroes are born when ordinary people do extraordinary things. The New Testament book of Hebrews contains a chapter that has become known simply as, Heroes of the Faith. Hebrews Chapter 11 contains a list of diverse and ordinary people who have gone on to prove that when we obediently say 'yes' God, His plan and will for the human race gets... More info »

All Things New
All Things New Bruce Hollins, Guest Speaker

As we approach the Easter season, many people ask the question, "Why did Jesus have to die?" God had a divine purpose for His birth, life, death and eventual resurrection, but not everyone who encountered Him saw his message as healthy for the masses or desirable. His words caused fear, anger, confusion and infuriated many of the Jewish and Roman... More info »

Call of Duty
Call of Duty Bruce Hollins, Michael Byram

We all face the inevitable question by Jesus, "Will you follow me?" For many of us, we have answered that question with a resounding 'yes', and our lives were changed forever. Answering 'yes' to Jesus represents not only a new way of living, but we now have a new Call of Duty. By saying 'yes' to Jesus we are accepting... More info »

Lines Michael Byram

God has broken down the barriers between us and him. This has made it possible for us to interact with God personally and show our love towards him. Lines can be many things for us for some of us they guidelines to stay inside of for others these are lines of communication. For the next two weeks we will be... More info »

Jesus: Name Above All Names
Jesus: Name Above All Names Guest Speaker

Christmas is a time that we reflect give and receive freely, but why? What are we celebrating? The Answer is Jesus who is he? Why is he important to us? Come find out in this message series that talks about these questions and more! More info »

Close Encounters
Close Encounters Bruce Hollins, Michael Byram

The Gospels are filled with powerful stories of life-altering encounters that people had with Jesus. Some of these encounters occurred naturally as He traveled from town to town, while others involved Jesus going out of His way to confront those who were running from the truth. Join us for tour series, Close Encounters, as we explore the life-altering possibilities that... More info »

Camp Waverley
Camp Waverley Brad Quiring, Michael Byram, Guest Speaker

Summer is camp time. Thousands of kids and youth head off to camp for part of the summer every year. Many of us have had a camp experience in some way in our lives. One of the favourite times for everyone at camp is the time around the campfire, where we sing songs and tell stories. Telling stories is one... More info »

Stages Brad Quiring

Whether a project or a life, everything moves toward what it was meant to be in stages. Our life with Jesus is the same. There are different stages that mark our progress as we advance to become the creation God has always intended us to be. Join us this month to see what each stage of life looks like and... More info »

Your Place at the Table
Your Place at the Table Brad Quiring

You can be a guest in anyone’s home, stand in the doorway and visit or even sit on the sofa to talk. You can talk with a business or organization leader by telephone or even in person in their office. But when you sit down at your host’s table, you become part of the family. When the chairman... More info »

Clear Brad Quiring

We say we believe in God and the Bible. But do we know what some some of these key beliefs really are? Often these basic truths from the Bible get foggy by well-meaning but unclear teachers. It has been said, “Right beliefs result in right living.” We do want to put our faith into action. When we are clear on... More info »

Living Brad Quiring, Bruce Hollins, Michael Byram

Is living the life of a follower of Jesus just about obeying rules and regulations? On top of that, these rules set an impossible standard. If that is the case, what sets Christianity apart from any other religion or philosophy in our day and age? Jesus has given us a call to have a totally different way of living than... More info »

Go Brad Quiring, Guest Speaker

A year is ending. A new year begins. The laughter and tears of 2013 are past while a new set awaits us in 2014. We may resist the changes and challenges, but they are coming. Because of Jesus, God gives us everything we need to go. This month, let’s go forward into what God has called us to. More info »

Arrival Brad Quiring

Advent is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a coming into being or use”. In our world, our society, our homes and individual lives we have been waiting for that which gives true, concrete hope, peace joy and love. All of that has come into being through Jesus. Come celebrate the coming of Jesus and all that he brings to... More info »

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad Brad Quiring

We make choices. As opportunities present themselves we act on them. Our choices are based on who we are, what we have learned and our experiences of life. These choices are not strictly personal, because how we choose to live affects those around us. The effects of our choices can be deep-reaching for both good and bad. This month we... More info »

Wound Up
Wound Up Brad Quiring

That which causes stress is part of our life. We cannot control many of these things. How we respond is entirely under our control. Everyone at some time has allowed the stresses of life to wind us up to the breaking point. Often that breaking point turns out to be an ugly drop which causes damage to ourselves and those... More info »

Beyond Brad Quiring, Bruce Hollins, Guest Speaker

A follower of Jesus knows very well that they are supposed to do good. The issue is that we aren’t supposed to just do good. We are supposed to go beyond good. We are supposed to go beyond just ourselves, our perceived needs and our perceived benefits. Because of the changes Jesus is doing in our lives we need... More info »

Living It
Living It Brad Quiring

To know about God and Jesus is very important. To have knowledge from the Bible about how we should live our lives is crucial. Knowing how to put this knowledge into practice is very helpful. The question for us is, are we actually living it? A follower of Jesus doesn’t just “know and do” to check off the list... More info »

Breaking The Mold
Breaking The Mold Bruce Hollins

Oswald Chambers once said that, "The call of God is not just for a select few but for everyone. Whether I hear God’s call or not depends on the condition of my ears, and exactly what I hear depends upon my spiritual attitude.” Do you believe that? We hope that you will join us for this two week series... More info »

Definition Brad Quiring, Guest Speaker

The definition of a word can be easily found in a dictionary. But the dictionary definition really doesn't give the true meaning of that word. The Bible contains certain words that have real impact when we come to realize their true definition. This definition comes to life when we begin to think, speak and act based on what these words... More info »

Stretch Brad Quiring

As humans we love a challenge. As humans we like to be comfortable. If all our challenges were to be comfortable, we’d be perfectly content. The real world isn’t that way and our faith in Jesus operates within the real world. Just as stretching is necessary for our body’s health, challenging and stretching our faith is necessary... More info »

Hands Brad Quiring

In our minds, what do we associate with Easter? How about bunnies and chocolate eggs? Spring having finally arrived? Is it something religious to do with Jesus? What about hands? We’re talking about our hands, Jesus’ hands and God’s hands. Whatever we touch seems to break. Whatever God touches comes to life. Easter is the time in which... More info »

Link Brad Quiring

We believe in God and the Bible. Through faith in Jesus we have a relationship with God. We go to church and learn so much. The question is: does our faith in God have anything to do at all with the world around us? Is God touching the needs of the world through us? This month we will focus on... More info »

Connect Brad Quiring, Bruce Hollins

As followers of Jesus we have a clearly defined set of beliefs. We call these beliefs "doctrine". Most of the time we hear this word, doctrine, and immediately dismiss it as boring, irrelevant and only for professional scholars. But doctrine really does connect us with God because it answers those fundamental questions we have. What we believe will directly affect... More info »

Christmas Through New Eyes
Christmas Through New Eyes Brad Quiring

Through the eyes of a child Christmas is presents, bright lights, playing in the snow and Christmas programs. Through an adult’s eyes Christmas is much the same, but with a lot of work thrown in. Through some people’s eyes Christmas is a ridiculous, commercialized and irrelevant event. Through other’s eyes Christmas is a time of seeing how... More info »

Forward Brad Quiring

We try so hard to get ahead and stay ahead in life. Whether it be in athletics, business, relationships, education or health. We know that if we fall behind in anything, we won't be able to accomplish our goals. God wants us to move forward, too, but with a different motivation and better resources than we can find in our... More info »

Thanks! Brad Quiring

Being thankful is changing our focus from ourselves to Jesus. Being thankful results in us thinking differently about our circumstances and then acting in a way which will change our lives and others' as well. More info »

Community Brad Quiring

When God made everything in creation He said it was all good. Except for one thing, Adam was alone and God said that was not good because He has intended from the beginning that we be together. Not only together with Him, but equally important is that we be together in a family and community of those who believe in... More info »

Re-examining Our Call to Justice
Re-examining Our Call to Justice Bruce Hollins

We hope that you will join us for this three week series as we examine the a Christians response to injustice. More info »

Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk Brad Quiring

The Bible has a few books that are very short and to the point. This doesn't take away from the power of the lessons taught, in fact, the message probably has more impact because it is right there. In the month of July, we'll take a look at four "slam dunks" in the Bible: four short letters with powerful, to-the-point... More info »

Like Brad Quiring

The true church should really be known for what it is for rather than for what it is against. God wants to work through every Christian and every church in order to bring change and hope into individual lives, families and entire communities. When Christians and churches truly “Like” what God likes, then the changes will really happen. More info »

God’s House
God’s House Brad Quiring

One of the names we have given church is “God’s House”. This is actually a phrase to describe the Old Testament place of worship. After Jesus, the idea of “God’s House” changed.It is actually the true “Church”, which is not a building rather our relationship with God and each other. It is the new house in which... More info »

Me, First
Me, First Brad Quiring

Paul was teaching about generous giving to a group of Christians. He used an example of another group and said about them, “they gave themselves first to the Lord”. Everything we have is from God. He takes care of our needs. He has given us resources, abilities and time. The question is, what do we do with what we have... More info »

Clean Up on Aisle 5
Clean Up on Aisle 5 Brad Quiring

We can see that things aren’t quite right in our world. Our own poor decisions as well as the bad actions of others have combined to leave a big mess in our lives. This mess affects our relationships, our thinking, our emotions, our work, and even the planet we live on. No matter what we do, we can’t... More info »

Wipeout Brad Quiring

We all have expectations. Our expectations are financial, relational and educational. We place these expectations on ourselves and on others. Many times though, we fail. We wipe out. We fall short of our goals. We let others down. Others let us down. Often we try to get back into the battle, yet fail again and again. The greatest and least... More info »

Preposterous! Brad Quiring

For many, the faith we have and the life we live is preposterous. It is beyond the comprehension of people outside faith in Christ that we believe in a God who is all powerful, created everything, fully independent and is perfect in every way. At the same time we believe that we can be in an intimate, personal relationship with... More info »

Standalone Messages
Standalone Messages Tony Penner, Brad Quiring, Bruce Hollins, Michael Byram

A collection of messages that were not part of a message series. More info »