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Blueprint for the Church

Blueprint for the Church

What is the Blueprint for the Church? Jesus Christ established the church and in the Scriptures we are told what the church of Christ is to be. In this 2016 Fall series we are going examine the blueprint for the church by looking into the different aspects what it means to be the community of faith. We will see the value, nature and purposes of the church and how it calls us as God's children to be the faithful people of God.

In this series (3 messages):

The Church is Valuable September 11, 2016

The world has changed so much, is the church still relevant? Jesus Christ established the church nearly two-thousand years ago. Does an institution this ancient still hold value for our lives today? In this first message in our Blueprint for the church sermon series, we will discover that not only is the church valuable for today, but that it is critical in our Christian lives and is instrumental for hope in this world. More info »

Who’s Church is it anyway? September 18, 2016

The Church has a long history of trying to figure out who is to guide it.  Often the church has done it right, at other times they have not.  When we understand who is the head of the church we experience how wonderful it is to be the church.  In this study, we look to answer the question, "Who's church is it anyway?"
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Images of the Church September 25, 2016

: More info »