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The Walking Dead Returns

The Walking Dead Returns

As we approach the Easter season, many people ask the question, "Why did Jesus have to die?" God had a divine purpose for His birth, life, death and eventual resurrection, but not everyone who encountered Him saw his message as healthy for the masses or desirable. His words caused fear, anger, confusion and infuriated many of the Jewish and Roman leaders of that day. Join us as we explore the events and relationships that eventually led to Jesus' arrest, torture and death. Discover why Jesus' message was so polarizing and why so many wanted Him executed for his teachings on this 'new kingdom'. In this sermon seres, we will be exploring the historical context that surrounded his death, and we will discover that His teachings were not only radical and life-changing, but if believed, made all things new.

In this series (3 messages):

The beginning Of the End February 22, 2015

Jesus had done the unimaginable. He had turned water into wine, healed the sick, and cast out demons, but this miracle had crossed the line. While some people were overjoyed and convinced that He was truly from God, others were now gripped with fear and wanted Him dead. Join us as we explore the defining miracle in Jesus life that marked the beginning of the end for His earthly ministry. Join us as we work through John Chapter 11 and witness Jesus' compassion, love and power. More info »

The Walking Dead Returns March 1, 2015

The raising of Lazarus was not the end of the story. We get reintroduced to the 'Walking Dead' in John chapter twelve when the plot to kill Jesus intensifies. The religious leaders are now looking to do more than just stop this influential, miracle working Rabbi. They are now looking to cover their tracks and destroy the evidence - all in an effort to take the focus and attention of Jesus. As His influence and popularity continues to grow, their fear turns to urgency. More info »

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Preparing For the End March 8, 2015

Jesus understood that his life was about to end and his disciples were crippled with grief. Although they could not envision what the next few days was about to bring, Jesus knew and began to prepare them for the inevitable. How would they respond? Would they run? Would they stand and fight? Would they loose their faith? Join us as we watch the disciples learn that, the Rabbi they had been following had one more miracle to perform... and this miracle would make all things new. More info »

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