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Jesus Shows us the Way

Jesus Shows us the Way

Easter, and the weeks leading up to Christ's sacrifice on the cross and resurrection, are an opportunity for all believers to turn our hearts and minds towards Jesus who has redeemed us from our sin. In this series we will study different passages from the Bible that remind us how Jesus is the only way to know God and to have a full and joyous life. We will see how Jesus points us to his work on the cross, but we will also learn from the way he lived his life during his earthly ministry.

In this series! (4 messages):

Jesus Shows Us the Way to Serve March 4, 2018

One of the best ways to understand Jesus Christ is to remember that he is the greatest servant who has ever lived. He was willing to serve others in lowly ways with his ultimate expression of servant hood being on the cross. How do we live in the way of Christ's servant hood? In this message we take a closer look at how we should think and act in order to follow the way of Jesus. More info »

Jesus Shows Us the Way to Care March 11, 2018

Caring for each other is a biblical imperative that is found throughout the pages of our bibles, but how do we know what true Christian compassion looks like, and how do we live it out? In this message on the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine, we find Jesus showing each of us what it is to care for others. More info »

Jesus Shows Us the Way to Sacrifice March 18, 2018

Christians throughout the centuries have been willing to give up their lives, and it all began with Christ's sacrifice upon the cross. While we may not be called to die for our faith, Jesus does instruct us on how to be living sacrifices by setting an example for us to follow. That is the subject of this study on the sacrifice of Jesus. More info »

Jesus Shows Us The Way To Love March 25, 2018

; More info »

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