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Esther; The Unseen Sovereignty

Esther; The Unseen Sovereignty

The book of Esther is the remarkable re-telling of the story of a young woman named Esther who is one of many Jews living in Persia. Through extraordinary circumstances, Esther is moved from obscurity to being the Queen of Persia where she has the opportunity to save her people from being destroyed. As she navigates a series of events she is faced with the decision to save her people but in the process risks losing her own life. One of only two books in the Bible that is named after a woman and the only book that does not have a single reference to God, the book of Esther silently displays His incredible sovereignty. God's handiwork is on display in this book as we have the unique perspective of looking back on history and peering into this story of one woman's faith. The Book of Esther is incredibly relevant as it teaches us that God is faithfully working in our lives even when we do not see it.

In this series (6 messages):

Act One: Esther becomes queen of Persia January 8, 2017

Do we consider this life to be a series of random circumstances guided by coincidence or good fortune? As we study the Book of Esther we find that this is far from reality. God is active in this world and in our lives even when it appears that He is silent. In this truth we can find great assurance that even when things seem pointless, we have a God who is not far off and he is in control of everything we face. More info »

Act Two: Haman’s Plot January 15, 2017

Just when it seems that life is going our way, we can face problems, be hit by tragedy and wonder where God is in it all. When this happens we can question the care and power of God. We can look at a world that is moving further and further away from godly principles, growing in evil and conclude that God is absent. In Esther chapter three, we look at this reality but rather than it leading us to despair we see that God is still near and that we can hope in Him. More info »

Act Three: Mordecai’s Plan January 22, 2017

Esther has discovered that God has a plan for her life that will bring her to a life or death crossroads. Most of us will not face the kind of situation that Esther encountered, but every Christian has a calling on their lives by God. In this message from the book of Esther, we discover how God is intimately involved in giving direction to our lives as he calls us to respond to the work that He has before us. More info »

Act Four: Esther Begins Her Plan January 29, 2017

It is one thing to say that we will answer the call that God has on our lives, but a very different thing to actually carry through on our intentions. Esther was willing to risk her life to save her people but it took trust to live it out. We face the same challenge and in this message from our series in the book of Esther we look at how we can fulfill the calling that God has for us. More info »

Act Five: The Vindication of Mordecai February 5, 2017

Our lives can be presented with a wide variety of challenges that test our resolve, and our integrity. We can find ourselves at the brink of despair, and not able to see any way past our circumstances. In this sermon from our series in Esther, we discover that we worship a God who is able, in both ordinary and miraculous ways, to bring dramatic reversals in our lives. These changes are meant to show us that our God is constantly giving us hope through his sovereign guidance. More info »

Act Six: The Fall of Haman February 12, 2017

The joy of the Christian life is remembering that any success or victories we may have are only shadows of what it will be like when we spend eternity with Christ. Chapter seven of the book of Esther reminds us that through the work of Christ on the cross we find life as the sovereign actions that will save Esther and the Jewish people are mirrored in Easter. More info »