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By: Admin on October 3, 2012

This week's blog entry comes from Cam Buchanan, a member here at Waverley as well as the chairman of the board. This was his response to the September 30 Sunday morning message on "Community Grows Together."

"I had a thought: when we think of the phrase WWJD, we should extend that thought in the context of community and spiritual development: WWWDWJ? What will we do with Jesus?

If we think of Jesus as our friend; just like we would ask our friend, "what do you want to do?"; likewise we could ask Jesus what he would like to do with us. Through prayer Jesus would reveal someone or someplace that we could go where Jesus would stretch us and grow us as individuals and as groups.

And we wouldn't be alone if we guarded the thought we were on a day out with our friend Jesus. So what does Jesus want to do with you today?"

Topics: church, community, outreach

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