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Word of the day: koinonia

By: Admin on September 10, 2012

Hebrew: chabar; Greek: koinonia

According to the dictionaries of these ancient languages, chabar is to unite, join together and have fellowship. Koinonia means fellowship, association and community.

What does this word REALLY mean?

  • It means volunteers taking time from their normal service to stand by a table and talk with the dozens of people who came by to ask about the program. It wasn't just information they gave, it was a smile and a welcome.
  • It's the program leader doing a little "happy dance" and talking to the pastors about it when someone filled out a "Get Connected" card.
  • It means teenaged girls spending an entire afternoon in the sun painting the faces of kids who are transfigured into princesses, butterflies and the Amazing Spider Man.
  • It's a mom sliding down the big bouncer side with her kids and running back up to the top for another run.
  • It's friends throwing the football on the grass.
  • It's an impromptu soccer game played between the quarterbacks throwing the football around.
  • It means half a dozen guys frantically peeling the plastic off individually wrapped hotdogs before throwing them onto the grill for the anticipated rush of hungry people.
  • It's a guy who washes his pickup before pulling it up to the lineup of trucks, open up the tailgate and allowing bottles of ketchup and mustard put on the clean tailgate for people to pour on, or near, their burgers.
  • It's the first time guest showing up and discovering he knows someone at the church.
  • It's people showing up in a myriad of sports jerseys for Sunday morning service.
  • It's the same people booing the pastor for his green and white jersey and watermelon helmet (Hey, MY coach DID choose to go for the field goal!!).
  • It's 300 people hanging around and visiting, laughing, eating together and just having a great time.
  • It's real CHURCH.

Thanks to all the volunteers who threw themselves into the work to make the September 9th Kickoff Tailgate party such a HUGE success. Thanks to everyone in the Waverley family for living out chabar and koinonia.

God bless,
Brad Quiring

Topics: church, community, volunteering

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