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What True Community Wears

By: Admin on June 7, 2013

On June 1 Waverley Church held its "Clothe the Community" event. It is easy to think that June 1 was the event. It really wasn't. The event began a couple of months before.

Someone with vision and passion came to us with the idea. A team was formed. The event was planned. Everything was set in place.

In the month of May we began collecting clothes. And some clothes came in. And more clothes. And MORE clothes. We stopped counting. Some of the clothes were brand new, price tags still on.

Two weeks before we announced that on Saturday, May 25 people could go out into the community distributing 2500 flyers promoting the clothing event. The event was cancelled. Volunteers snatched up all the packages of flyers and distributed them the week before.

We planned during the week of May 26 to have 4 shifts of teams who would sort the clothes. On May 27, the first two shifts sorted ALL of the clothes. The rest of the shifts were cancelled. Those folks were disappointed, they wanted to help.

June 1 arrived. 31 people came through the doors in the first hour. 20 volunteers greeted them, visited with them, served up hot dogs, and sorted clothes back into place. A total of 80 people came through, a moderate number a little short of expectations. Ten bags of clothes were left over which went immediately to Siloam Mission.

Question: Was the Clothe the Community event on June 1 a success? Yes. But I will explain by what I mean by success.

Two of our vision statements say this about Waverley Church, which states that we are a church that:
Serves hurting and poor families in our city compassionately in collaboration with local agencies, helping alleviate issues of poverty and social injustice in Winnipeg.
Transforms our community with acts of service that demonstrate the love of God to people in practical and tangible ways, making South Winnipeg a better place to live.

That folks that needed clothes received them is a positive by-product of the June 1 event. We're glad to have served, but the real win was for the community, Waverley Church.

We accomplished that, but it wasn't the main win of June 1. The win of June 1 was this vision statement: Lives out authentic Christian community including small groups and mentoring relationships.

A total of 63 volunteers had a part in Clothe the Community event. People enthusiastically took up the challenge and the call. We had no problem getting people to help. There was so much laughter whenever the Waverley members were together doing something for this event. Waverley Church acted like The Church leading up to June 1. Waverley Church became a little stronger because of June 1.

Colossians 3:12 says this: Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

This is how the community of Waverley Church clothed itself. How can we carry this forward? That is for you to answer as this year goes on.

Topics: community, outreach, volunteering

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