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Linking to the world at our doorstep

By: Admin on February 20, 2013

This is a summary of the message notes from a sermon done by Jack Duckworth at Waverley Church, February 17, 2013.

Jack is the head of International Student Ministries Canada's Winnipeg office (ISM). Jack, and ISM, is dedicated to touching lives of people from other countries with the love and power of Jesus. Jack and the committed team members of ISM do this not by travelling to far-off lands, learning new cultures, foods and languages. Those from afar off come to Canada to study in our university and college system in order to bring back better success to the business and social fabric of their homelands. The idea behind ISM is that these students and future leaders take back more than new economic and scientific knowledge, rather that they take back the powerful message of Jesus Christ through a personal encounter with Him.

You can find out more about International Student Ministries at ISMC.CA

In Jack's message at Waverley on February 17, he talked about engaging a world where Jesus isn't known, is known but in a skewed way or even known in a hostile way. He used Romans 10:8-13 as the basis for this lesson (Check it out at this link from Bible Gateway Romans 10:8-13)

1. Who we are.
2. What we are to do.
3. Live our Christian life, God's way, not our way, living God's word

Based on this we need to remember:
1. Remember Christ's Invitation
- Jesus invites people to follow him, no sets of rules and lists: just follow me
- ther ARE consequence to accepting or rejecting the call
- he invited people to respond to him, not argue with him, just decide

2. We're Part of the Invitation
We are part of the community and unity of the Trinity. We are in communion with God. We belong because of faith and because of faith this belonging flows out to others.

3. Our Life Story is to be Shared with Others
What is our life story? No matter what, our life will speak (Rom 10:13)

If we have questions we must seek answers. When we live the answers, people will notice

Let's live by what we truly remember and believe.

Topics: outreach, salvation

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