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Human Trafficking, what do you say, God?

By: Admin on November 17, 2013

The issue of human trafficking is big now, and in fact has been a sad part of human history for as long as records have been kept. Even so-called "Christians" have used the Bible to defend the practice of slavery and prostitution. On the other side, Christians, churches, and Christian organizations have been the most active opponents of slavery, human trafficking and prostitution. They have taken strong, radical stances that have even resulted in persecution and death.

The Bible seems to endorse and at the same time oppose slavery and human trafficking. I found this excellent article on the internet and I hope it educates all who read it. I also hope it will challenge us as those who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ to put our faith into action, to love all people in practical ways and to announce God's Kingdom to everyone, even at personal cost.

I'll post some more thoughts this week after the "Red Light, Green Light" Human Trafficking discussion at Waverley on November 17.

Pastor Brad

Topics: community, justice, outreach

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