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Go In

By: Admin on January 8, 2014

For the story, read Joshua 1:1 - 9

Joshua and the Israelites were at the border of the promised land of Canaan. They were about to enter. They had been here before about 40 years earlier, but the lack of faith in God and outright fear kept them out.

Over the last 40 years the Israelites had wandered around the desert and an entire generation had passed away. Even their leader Moses had just passed away. Joshua, Moses' aide for more than 40 years, was now leader of all Israel and was charged with moving Israel into their new home.

All the conditions that generated fear and opposition to moving into Canaan 40 years ago had not changed. The giants were still there. The cruel society and people with their accompanying attitudes were still there. The heavily guarded and fortified cities still stood.

So, God spoke with Joshua just before entering and gave him the message that we read above. It was a message that said "GO IN". When God told Joshua and Israel to be strong and courageous, he didn't mean to "dig in" and "defend". He meant move forward with confidence. It was offence not defence. It was advancing rather than establishing. He promised to be with them all the time.

We look ahead to 2014 and see that the challenges, fears and barriers that existed in 2013 are still before us. Our society and economy are the same. Our relationship issues still need to be solved. So, God gives us the same message: "GO IN". God tells us to be strong and courageous as well, using his strength and courage. He still promises to be with us all the time.

We have three enemies:
1) Temptation
2) Fear and Worry
3) Satan's Deception

We have the tools from God:
1) The Bible - Joshua and the Israelites had God's Law. We have the full word of God. It will guide us and help us.
2) Prayer - all the time
3) Strengthened Personal Life
4) Contentment
5) Integrity
6) Love

It's 2014...GO IN!


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