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Community Celebrates Together

By: Admin on September 28, 2012

Have you ever had to celebrate your team's win all by yourself? As a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan living in Winnipeg that is my Labour Day experience.

Seriously, when I was living and working in South America I was in a cafe on Super Bowl Sunday afternoon. The cafe was run by the local cable TV provider and so they had televisions all over the place. The big main monitor had the Super Bowl game on. Pittsburg was playing and having chosen the Steelers as "my team" for the Super Bowl I sat in this cafe and watched the game, heart attack moments at all, in my usual boisterous football-loving-guy manner. The Steelers won and I was quite happy about it.

That's when I noticed I was the only one in the cafe all afternoon that was enjoying the game. South Americans love football. You know, the REAL football where they play with a ball using their feet! They just don't 'get' the NFL football and so this cafe had the experience of one, tall skinny North American having a great time all by himself. Actually, the barista was quite entertained by my enjoyment of the game.

In Canada or the USA, this would be a totally different experience with the cafe, bar, living room or even gymnasium filled with fans wearing their team's colours and making lots and lots of noise. Celebrations really seem to be designed to be done together.

Just take a look at Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. Everyone is together and sometimes just the being together raises the "Celebration Meter" several notches.

Read Acts chapter 2 in the Bible. When the church first began, it began with a lot of noise. No quiet organ music with a choir coming in from the side. No guitarist picking out a quiet arpeggio and bringing the worship music up to tempo. It was a bunch of believers in Jesus being together and God giving them an experience...together.

In that same chapter it says "Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people." (Acts 2:46, 47 NIV)

The believers in Jesus made a point of being together. Whether in a group of thousands in the temple courts or 2 or 3 families crowded into a little Jerusalem house, they were together and were happy.

Why were they so happy? Why did they want to be together? Jesus. That's the only reason. He gave them a reason to celebrate. I'm sure as people celebrated Jesus, everything good seemed to be a little better and everything happy was a bit brighter. When things weren't so happy, people made sure the need was taken care of...together.

As a true community, let's celebrate Jesus together!

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