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Christmas Through New Eyes, the Prophets

By: Admin on December 3, 2012

The month of December is a very important month for Christians. This month has been designated as the time we celebrate Christmas, in which we commemorate Jesus Christ being born. This is a huge event for Christians, but the impact is being lost on both believers and non-believers alike. A lot of it has to do with how we see Christmas, through which eyes do we see Christmas?

Through the eyes of a child Christmas is presents, bright lights, playing in the snow and Christmas programs. Through an adult’s eyes Christmas is much the same, but with a lot of work thrown in. Through some people’s eyes Christmas is a ridiculous, commercialized and irrelevant event. Through other’s eyes Christmas is a time of remembering how alone and lost they are.

Centuries before Jesus came there were people who God specifically called and equipped to deliver His messages. These people were called "Prophets".

There were three prophets to whom God revealed His special plan for what would eventually become known as "Christmas". Perhaps they didn't know the full extent of the message they presented, nevertheless they knew the impact would be huge. Let's look at these prophets:

1) Moses: His eyes saw Jesus the Victor
While Moses is more famous for the "Ten Commandments" and leading Israel out of slavery in Egypt to what is now their own land, Moses also wrote the first 5 books of the Bible and saw both the past and the future of God's plan.

Genesis 3:15
“And I will put enmity
 between you and the woman,
 and between your offspring and hers; 
he will crush your head,
 and you will strike his heel.”

Spoke to the serpent (the Devil, Satan)
No alliance between the devil and people (the woman and the offspring of the woman) – it would always be a war
The main adversary of Satan would come from the woman (a woman)

Satan is our enemy and only wants us to experience defeat:
Defeat us in our marriages and our relationships in family
Defeat us in church by not growing and not wanting to grow
Defeat us by having us too afraid to speak the truth about Jesus to others
Defeat us by having us use our time, money and talents for selfish reasons

This person (Jesus) would be wounded by Satan but would in the end destroy him.
Jesus was crucified in our place to take on God’s punishment for our sin
Jesus was rejected by God in order to save us from being rejected by God, rather He brought us into God’s family
Jesus defeated sin, the Devil and death by rising again from the dead. Not permanent.
Satan has lost the battle and we see in the Bible that he is going to lose permanently, while Jesus will become King and Lord over everything and everyone.
Satan’s loss is permanent. He wounded Jesus, Jesus destroyed Satan.

Do we treat Satan as our enemy?
Do we do things to please Jesus?
Do we give time, talents, energy and money to that which truly helps others, even if we get “nothing” out of it?
Do we put it all on the line to protect our marriages and families?

When Jesus came, He came to seal the victory in the battle against sin and Satan. This victory by Jesus would result in us having life.

Next Prophet: Isaiah....

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