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Here you will find articles written by our leadership team and guest authors on the topic of anything, including encouragement, extended information on current sermons, pastors' thoughts, and general updates and announcements for Waverley Church.

Unwrapping the Full Love Story Admin   February 9, 2015

When I opened up my Facebook newsfeed this morning, I was bombarded with everything from romantic valentine posts, commentaries and opinions on Fifty Shades of Grey, and even a few egocentric musicians at the Grammies thanking all the committed fans who ‘love’ them. Our English language wraps so much into the single word ‘love’ and I wonder if some of... More info »

“... it is not a cowardly thing to pray.” Admin   July 21, 2014

As part of my morning solitude time, I was reading from My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. He reminded me that, "When a man is at his wits' end it is not a cowardly thing to pray, it is the only way he can get in touch with reality." I don't know about you, but I need a... More info »

“You will only recognize His voice more clearly through recklessness” Admin   May 21, 2014

“You will only recognize His voice more clearly through recklessness— being willing to risk your all.” I love the story of Peter walking on the water as told in Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 14. It’s a retelling of an encounter that the disciples had with Jesus, and yet another example of a shock-and-awe moment for these young leaders who seemed... More info »

The Boycott of Mediocrity… Admin   May 16, 2014

The Boycott of Mediocrity… Oswald Chambers reminded me this morning that, “The voice of the Spirit of God is as gentle as a summer breeze— so gentle that unless you are living in complete fellowship and oneness with God, you will never hear it.” I can’t help but believe that in some sense our hearts all long for this.... More info »

God does not tell you what He is going to do, He reveals to you who He is Admin   May 3, 2014

"God does not tell you what He is going to do, He reveals to you who He is.” I’m sitting at a local coffee shop (as I often do on Friday mornings) getting caught up on emails and thinking through the events of this past week. I often use these mornings to take a much needed step back from... More info »

Jesus’ Table of Love Admin   April 10, 2014

You can be a guest in anyone’s home, stand in the doorway and visit or even sit on the sofa to talk. You can talk with a business or organization's leader by telephone or even in person in their office. But when you sit down at your host’s table, you become part of the family. When the chairman... More info »

It worked, even if it didn’t. Admin   April 2, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014 goes down in my history books as one of the greatest revelations of the heart of Waverley Church responding to the heart of Jesus Christ. Basically an emergency appeal was given out to the congregation based on little information and preparation. We asked the church family to help an immigrant family set up home and house with just... More info »

On Westboro Baptist, Sin and Jesus Admin   March 24, 2014

Fred Phelps passed away on March 19. He was the founder and leader of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas. He and his small congregation generated huge controversy as they would set up loud, vocal protests at the funerals of fallen members of the Armed Forces. They would use any natural or man-made tragedy as the launch pad to publicly declare... More info »

Speaking Clearly - the Bible Admin   March 11, 2014

“The Bible is unlike any other religious book. Despite forty authors writing from three continents over nearly two thousand years, it maintains a perfect consistency of message. Its words point unerringly to Christ, whose work on the cross was ordained by God—the true author of the Bible—before the world began.” (Ted Chafee) The Bible was not set up... More info »

Getting God Out of the Clouds Admin   March 3, 2014

It has been said, “Right beliefs result in right living.” (Andy Stanley) We do want to put our faith into action. When we are clear on our faith, we will have clear direction in our actions. When we think about "God", what comes to mind? What does "God" mean? Is God a person, an idea or a philosophy? In Genesis 1:1,... More info »

Go In Admin   January 8, 2014

For the story, read Joshua 1:1 - 9 Joshua and the Israelites were at the border of the promised land of Canaan. They were about to enter. They had been here before about 40 years earlier, but the lack of faith in God and outright fear kept them out. Over the last 40 years the Israelites had wandered around the desert and an entire... More info »

Markers - Moving from 2013 to 2014 Admin   December 31, 2013

Like writing a book, the chapter for 2013 is closing and 2014 is about to be written. We use this time to look back. There were tears and laughter. Triumph and tragedy. Anger and rejoicing. Wins and losses. Looking ahead we see much of the same in 2014. We look back on the time by setting “markers”, points which we say had a... More info »

The Arrival of Joy Admin   December 16, 2013

What brings us joy? The Christmas story is supposedly about "joy". Let's look at the most detailed account of this from Luke, one of Jesus' biographers. Luke 2:2 - 14 2 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2 (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of... More info »

Arrival of Hope Admin   December 5, 2013

The word, “Advent” is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a coming into being or use; an arrival”. In our world, society, homes and individual lives we have been waiting for that which gives true, concrete hope, peace, joy and love. The headlines 2600 years ago in the country of Israel looked like these: • The people who were called God’s... More info »

Christmas? I’m interested. Admin   December 3, 2013

I had the chance to speak at a banquet for university students from other countries studying here in Canadian universities. They are in English classes and conversation groups throughout the city, including some who are part of Waverley Church's program. The organizer of this event and I talked about my audience for that evening. For many of them, this would... More info »

Breaking Bad - Misguided Admin   November 24, 2013

Of all the upcoming leaders, Saul was number one. The religious establishment saw him as their bright future, and he did not disappoint. He channeled all his energy and conviction into ensuring that the cause continued through him. Philippians 3:3 - 6 For it is we who are the circumcision, we who serve God by his Spirit, who boast in Christ Jesus,... More info »

Breaking Bad - Out of Control Admin   November 21, 2013

At Waverley we are going through a series of messages looking at different people in the Bible who were "Breaking Bad", just like Walter White of the hit TV series of the same name. ( It’s all about control: we want control. We like to think we’re in control and have absolute authority... More info »

Human Trafficking, what do you say, God? Admin   November 17, 2013

The issue of human trafficking is big now, and in fact has been a sad part of human history for as long as records have been kept. Even so-called "Christians" have used the Bible to defend the practice of slavery and prostitution. On the other side, Christians, churches, and Christian organizations have been the most active opponents of slavery, human... More info »

Breaking Bad: Broken Influence Admin   October 31, 2013

We make choices. As opportunities present themselves we act on them. Our choices are based on who we are, what we have learned and our experiences of life. These choices are not strictly personal, because how we choose to live affects those around us. The effects of our choices can be deep-reaching for both good and bad. What does the... More info »

Wound Up Tight Admin   October 10, 2013

Here at Waverley we have begun a short series called "Wound Up". It deals with the stress we have in life and how we need to deal with it. Due to a technical glitch we were unable to post the audio of the first message of this series. Therefore I'll let you see my notes: That which causes stress is... More info »

Beyond Making a Living Admin   September 15, 2013

From Doctor Yaw Perbi's message at Waverley Church on September 15, 2013. Dr. Perbi is the Canadian director of International Student Ministries. Dr. Perbi gave us some great insights and some great sayings. Let's follow up on what he taught: "We need to stop setting up mirrors and start to put in windows." When we only look at ourselves, that is what... More info »

Beyond Me Admin   September 11, 2013

We like to think of ourselves as the center of the solar system. The truth is that the sun is the center of the solar system and it is a giant ball of hot gas. If you think of yourself as the center of the solar system, you have to consider the reality of yourself, then. When we just focus... More info »

Beyond Bland Admin   September 5, 2013

We love to live safe, controlled, convenient lives. Even most of those who are into the more "extreme" sports and lifestyle only do so when they have worked out all the possible outcomes, have strapped on a parachute and reserve chute and buckled the seatbelt tight. Jesus never intended Christians to sit around church and be happy and comfortable. He... More info »

Owed to Volunteers Admin   August 29, 2013

Don't worry, I won't be singing a song or giving a eulogy. This is not an 'ode'. The week of August 19 to 23 was Summer Kids Week, "Kingdom Rock" here at Waverley Church. This is probably the biggest week we have every year at our church family. We had over 120 kids as part of this week. It was loud, active and... More info »

Living it Every Day Admin   August 20, 2013

We just finished a message series titled, "Living It". The idea was to take what we believe and put that faith into practice every day in every situation of our life. Our faith in Jesus must guide every aspect of our life. Faith in Jesus is not just the first step of our relationship with him. Faith is the daily... More info »

Living it in Light of the Happy Ending Admin   August 17, 2013

Followers of Jesus in ancient Thessalonica, and through all places and ages have been dealing with the conflict of their previous lives, beliefs and philosophies as they contrasted so drastically with what the Bible taught and the changes they were experiencing in their lives as a result of their faith in Jesus There has always been an uncertainty and fear... More info »

Living it God’s Way Admin   August 15, 2013

We know and believe in Jesus. We are learning what the Bible says to us. Now let’s just go out and live it! The question is, “Why?” What is our motivation to “live it?” We live our faith for someone else: for God and for Jesus who is the author of our faith and life. Our “living it” isn... More info »

Living it under Pressure Admin   July 30, 2013

Living our faith in Jesus everyday in every situation is our goal and desire. But part of living out this relationship with Jesus is facing the pressure that comes with being a follower of Christ. This is what Paul had to say to the followers of Jesus in Thessalonica: 1 Thessalonians 2:13 - 3:13 (NIV 2012) 13 And we also thank God continually because, when... More info »

Living it by Sharing it Admin   July 23, 2013

A follower of Jesus doesn’t just “know and do” to check off the list and feel good about themselves. Jesus didn't come to give us the checklist of good things to do and bad things to avoid. Jesus paid a steep price to bring us into a relationship with God and give us a new life to live. This... More info »

Living it - In House Admin   July 17, 2013

John 13:34-35, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” When we try to figure out how to translate our faith to something visible, it starts with something in the heart: love. But... More info »